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RMM IT Software: Features & Benefits For IT Professionals

What is RMM IT software?

RMM IT software is a type of software that enables remote monitoring, control, automation, and alerting for IT assets.

RMM IT software is an essential tool for MSPs and other IT service professionals because it allows them to do more with less, centralize their IT operations, and support workflows in one place. With RMM IT software, IT service professionals can automate much of the daily grind of keeping the lights on and improving performance and availability.

Key RMM features for IT professionals

RMM software can supercharge IT efficiency and productivity, but it takes the right platform and features. Here are five key RMM features IT professionals should consider when evaluating a platform.

Monitoring and alerting

RMM IT software remotely monitors critical telemetry and event data from endpoints throughout an environment, including network connectivity, events, and metrics such as CPU, RAM, and disk utilization. When a metric or policy falls into an alert state, RMM IT software can notify an administrator to respond before users complain.

Additionally, RMM IT software goes beyond system-level metrics and enables granular monitoring of individual processes and services. Because RMM IT software integrates remote management and scripting capabilities, alerts can serve as triggers for other workflows, including automated issue remediation.

Remote access

For MSPs and IT departments alike, “rolling a truck” to resolve an issue is expensive and time-consuming. RMM IT software provides secure, seamless remote access to endpoints without the need to deploy a technician. As a result, you can support users at geographically diverse locations more efficiently.

While there are other remote desktop access methods like RDP and VNC, integrated RMM ITT remote access features, like Splashtop, reduce the complexity of implementing remote access securely. For example, with Splashtop and Syncro, remote access just takes one click after initial setup.

Automation and scripting

Automation is essential to scaling an MSP business and saving IT time. Automation and scripting are core RMM IT software features that help scale and streamline IT operations. Automations such as business logic to automatically remediate alerts is a textbook example of powerful RMM IT software functionality. Additionally, remote execution of scripts across endpoints can drastically reduce maintenance and management efforts at scale.


RMM for IT is all about enabling business outcomes and optimizing workflows. Reporting features in IT RMM platforms help demonstrate value delivery, highlight areas for improvement, inform buying decisions, identify workflow bottlenecks, and provide transparency to stakeholders, end users, and team members. Additionally, audit and patch reports in IT RMM platforms can bolster security and compliance efforts.

Patch management

Patching is one of the most impactful things an IT team can do to increase security posture. RMM IT software provides robust patch management capabilities for operating system and application-level patching. Additionally, with the flexibility available in RMM IT software teams can define policies that enable update exceptions where business requirements — or upgrade risk — require a specific software version.

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How RMM software benefits IT professionals

IT professionals that use RMM software can drastically improve their internal workflows, KPIs, and end-user outcomes. Here are five practical benefits that demonstrate why RMM IT software is a game changer for IT.

Increased IT productivity

The automation and remote access capabilities in IT RMM software enable IT professionals to do more with less effort, travel, and time. As a result, IT can focus its time on more strategic tasks. With the visibility provided by remote monitoring and RMM IT reports, the quality of decisions and return on effort improves as well, compounding the business benefits of RMM IT software.

Higher uptime and optimized performance

RMM IT software can help automatically remediate common solutions to endpoint alerts to address performance degradation and service downtime before SLAs breach. As a result, KPIs such as overall workload availability improves. Additionally, because IT professionals can capture granular endpoint telemetry with RMM IT software, they can make more targeted and impactful performance optimizations.

Enhanced security

RMM IT software helps IT professionals improve the overall security posture in an environment by detecting potential security issues and creating automations that enforce good security practices. For example, with an RMM for IT platform, IT can report on unpatched endpoints and applications, maintain audit trails, and enable automatic patching to reduce the risk of a known vulnerability leading to a breach.

Streamlined support

With seamless remote access via an RMM agent, IT professionals can provide end users with more responsive and precise support without rolling a truck. Unlike RDP, RMM-enabled remote access, like Splashtop, allows IT to have interactive shared desktop sessions at the click of a button. Ticketing features in RMM IT software like Syncro help IT professionals keep track of priority, open issues, and SLA status in one centralized platform.

Improved visibility

Centralizing assets in an RMM IT software platform provides IT professionals with greater visibility over the IT infrastructure they’re responsible for. Instead of multiple disparate portals creating alert fatigue and zombie assets going unmanaged, IT can aggregate and assess all of their assets in one place with an RMM.

“The automation of many aspects means less time fighting fires and more time to increase sales.”- Paul B.

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