Syncro Platform Roadmap

Discover the latest enhancements and planned features to help your MSP grow

In Progress

  • Minimum Labor Time By Type

    Set minimum labor time based on different situations (e.g. on-site visits, remote support).

  • Managed Microsoft Defender Antivirus

    Subscription add-on to take full control of Microsoft Defender Antivirus on your Syncro-managed Windows agents and stay notified when threats are detected.

  • Mobile App

    A full redesign of the mobile app for iOS and Android for quickly and easily working on tickets and securely accessing and controlling your managed devices with Splashtop.

  • Real Time Ticket Automation – Update Triggers*

    Build ticket automation to run actions on your tickets in real time when updates to your tickets occur, including: ticket status changes, technician assignment changes, priority changes, and when tags are added to your tickets.

  • Smart Ticket Categories*

    Using Syncro’s specially trained model, automatically have AI categories applied to tickets that allow for powerful ticket automations and recommendations for remediation steps.

  • Smart Ticket Search

    Easily find information from ticket notes and data using advanced conversational search technology. Whether it’s looking for a ticket you fixed last month, or the most recent tickets you fixed for a particular customer.

On Deck

  • Last Five Tickets

    As you are looking at a specific ticket, get a quick snapshot of the previous five tickets from this user to identify repeat issues or capture additional context.

  • Non-Billable Time Tracking

    Enable technicians to enter time that is non-billable as part of a project or other work.

  • Tech Utilization Reporting

    Generate reports detailing the output of all recorded time for your technicians.

  • Ticket Collaboration

    Enables technicians to better collaborate on tickets by adding more notification options and supporting the ability to mention other techs as well as customer contacts in ticket communications.

*Available on Syncro team plan

Newest Updates

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  • Clickable Ticket View Metrics

    Syncro now lets you drill down in Ticket Views to see more detailed information. Simply click on the metric in Ticket Views to see the tickets that contribute. Includes:

    • Unassigned Tickets
    • Unresolved Tickets
    • Due Soon
    • Stale Tickets
    • Breaching SLA Soon
    • Breached SLA

    Syncro Clickable Ticket View Metrics- Default Ticket View

    Default Ticket View

    Syncro Clickable Ticket View Metrics- Breached SLA

    Breached SLA

  • Entra ID Sync Enhancements*

    Improvements to existing Entra ID Sync functionality, including easy clearing of empty licenses and auto linking Syncro assets to Syncro contacts when Entra IDs have devices assigned to them.

  • Multiple Outbound Email Addresses

    You can now send email from different outbound addresses, helping you separate functions (e.g. ticketing vs. billing) to improve customer communications.

  • Detailed Ticket Time Entries

    Optionally enter start and end times when entering ticket comments.

  • Parent/Child Tickets

    Stay better organized by creating sub-tickets that divide larger work into individual discrete steps. Use ticket views to organize all your parent and child tickets together—or hide them from your other task specific views.

  • Compromised Password Detection

    Get alerted upon login if any passwords your team is using have been detected in a breach.

  • Hardware Security Keys

    Use WebAuthn compliant security keys for MFA into Syncro for a more secure experience.

  • Multi-Customer Permissions

    Keep your clients’ sensitive data confidential by easily designating which employees can access certain client records or devices.

  • Pause Ticket Timers

    Track and bill time more easily with the ability to manually pause ticket timers.

  • Single Sign On

    Bring your own OIDC Compliant Solution to login to Syncro via the web or mobile app.

  • Tags in Contacts and Automated Remediations

    Extended the tagging system to include contacts and automated remediations. Whether you’re looking to tag your VIP contacts or designate an assigned technician, tags serve as an easy and flexible way for you to flag your customer contacts and set up powerful automations.

  • Ticket View Metrics

    Gain insight into your ticket workload, performance, and priorities with a new metric panel located at the top of every ticket view.

*Available on Syncro team plan