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The Top 10 Benefits of RMM

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With today’s rapid digital transformation, MSPs that offer various IT services must look for ways to remain competitive while still providing the best service to multiple clients. One of the best ways to stand out against competitors is by keeping the clients’ IT systems secure and smoothly running on servers and devices.

Thankfully, remote monitoring and management (RMM) software enables businesses to control their IT systems on devices at any location. In this post, you will learn about the top benefits of RMM software and why businesses need to use it for their MSPs.

Defining RMM

So, what is RMM? RMM, which stands for remote monitoring and management, is a system that enables MSPs to proactively monitor and manage various IT devices remotely. In simpler words, it helps MSPs manage their clients without having to visit their physical location every time there is an issue via remote access software. 

RMM proves highly beneficial to businesses that aim at bettering the services they offer to their clients. Besides, it helps businesses know how their systems are working and make informed decisions about IT investments.

What are the Benefits of RMM to MSPs?

The benefits of RMM to MSP services are unmatched. With this software, businesses can work more efficiently and save time. Here are the top 10 ways MSPs benefit from a good RMM platform.

1. Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

A complete RMM solution, without he hassle. Learn more!Waiting for an IT team to solve technical issues every time they happen is inefficient and a hassle. It throws a wrench in your teams’ productivity if multiple employees are experiencing the same issue. IT RMM programs come with a live view of networks and notifications that help you identify and address any arising issues immediately. 

RMM software mitigates these hassles by alerting MSPs if any problems or warnings arise. Then, the issue can be closely monitored and addressed before becoming a major cause for concern. In essence, real-time monitoring and notifications serve as the primary foundation that enables RMM to perform all its other roles. It saves time and helps you focus on more complex client issues or close new deals.


2. Minimal Downtime

Downtime is a huge threat to IT companies. Not only does it lead to huge losses, but your customers may also lose trust in the services you provide. When the systems go down, employees are likely to lose their data and their applications to perform their duties. 

Meanwhile, you are paying them with no productivity. Further, customers will be unable to reach you, meaning you will not reach their needs are expectations. RMM is a perfect tool to keep your IT systems running. It watches your servers 24/7 and enables you to address any issue that causes downtime.

3. High-level Security

Security is among the top priorities for businesses. Dealing with sensitive business information and confidential client details means you have to ensure it is not stolen or lost. Security issues can ruin your reputation and lead to the loss of loyal customers. Luckily, RMM helps to monitor clients’ devices remotely and sends an alert in case any issues occur. 

For instance, if an unauthorized person tries to log in to the network with their laptop, RMM will recognize a new device. It will also detect any unsuccessful log-in attempts and send a notification to the business owner. With this tool, you will have peace of mind that all data is secure.

4. MSP and Device Location Don’t Matter

MSP businesses require 24/7 devices and network monitoring. With an RMM software solution, the administrator does not have to be physically available every time issues arise. With a stable internet connection, they will constantly receive email alerts on everything going on. Even when the administrator is miles away, they can easily monitor and manage all the IT systems.

Additionally, the location of the laptops and desktops does not matter. RMM enables IT technicians to view all devices and access points on the network regardless of their location. Once the software is installed on all devices, it becomes easy to closely monitor them even when the users are far away.

5. Reduced Travel Expenses

The aim of an RMM system is to make work easier. In case a problem arises and you urgently need the help of a technician, they don’t need to be physically there to evaluate the problem. They can do everything from one location, eliminating the need to travel to you.

 Even better, you can keep in constant communication with the technicians to alert them any time there is an emergency. You get to save on travel expenses, and your business becomes more effective in quick responses and accuracy.

6. IT Automation and Scripting

Many individuals avoid maintenance on their devices because it’s both inconvenient and time-consuming.

Thankfully, the RMM platform keeps track of all business-owned devices, and it can automate these maintenance tasks. This will free up time for your IT team to work on other issues and helps employees keep all devices up to date without interfering with work. Some of the tasks that RMM software can automate include:

  • Deleting temporary files
  • Creating a system to restore points
  • Rebooting a device
  • Deleting internet history
  • Running a disk check
  • Shutting down a device
  • Running scripts

7. On-Site Staffing

RMM system enhances more efficient events and meetings in an organization. While video collaboration is key to meetings, collaboration technology can be prone to user errors and glitches. Good RMM software solution offers strategic staffing for meetings and events areas. 

Strategic staffing provides an effective on-site event management and ongoing AV support. RMM strategic staffing also increases operational flexibility and efficiency.

8. Reporting and Analytics

Aside from monitoring networks, RMM software can collect data from these systems and convert it into an analytical report. This provides your IT managers with something they can easily read and understand. They can then use the reports to monitor projects and make informed business decisions. 

9. Restricted User Access

High-quality RMM software helps businesses determine who can access what part of the system. Some applicants will need special permission from the administrator to access some information. 

The administrator has the right to set parameters and customize which users get access to sensitive details. This feature is extremely useful in preventing intrusion into any valuable information.

10. Increased Business Productivity

Since RMM takes care of the clients’ infrastructure, MSPs will have valuable time at hand. With remote monitoring backing them up, they will be able to focus on bettering their services. RMM eliminates idle time caused by network malfunctions. 

Employee performance increases when the technological environment is consistent, boosting overall business productivity.

What to Consider When Looking for RMM Software for Your Business

The RMM software you employ significantly impacts your business and operational efficiency. Every RMM is different and comes with its upsides and downsides. Although the basic functionalities may be similar, they vary in key areas. When choosing an RMM solution for your business, consider the following factors:

  • The cost
  • Security features
  • Number of users it can support
  • Remote access to files and devices
  • Customization
  • Compatibility with other software
  • VPN implementation

Where to Find the Right RMM Software for your Business

Investing in the right RMM software saves your business time and money while boosting overall productivity. If you are looking for powerful remote monitoring and management software, Syncro got your back. We help you oversee your clients’ IT systems, devices, and networks with ease and control. 

With our RMM software features, you can get comprehensive real-time notifications and alerts, robust reporting, and more. Visit our website to learn how our team can keep your IT environment healthy so you can achieve your business goals. You can also start a free trial now.

A complete RMM solution, without he hassle. Learn more!

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