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Five and Fresh: Here’s What’s Next for Syncro

water spray with Syncro logo & colors

Photo: John Cameron on Unsplash, edited

Syncro will soon be five years old. We recently celebrated reaching 4,000 MSP partners.

Though I haven’t been here for all of Syncro’s history, I’m lucky to have worked closely with the founding team and my predecessor, Robert Reichner, to understand where we’ve come from and what we’ve achieved with our partners.

In some ways, our five years in existence seem like an eon. So much has changed, both within Syncro, and around the world, since 2017.

In other ways, it seems five years have passed in the blink of an eye. It’s true: time flies when you’re having fun.

We know the next five years will be the same—they will bring much change and they will fly by. So our team has spent the summer thinking very seriously about what we want the next half-decade to look like.

Big themes like efficiency, flow, streamlining, and growth are rising to the top. And we’re making changes all across the company—from the visual brand and resource content to the product offering and partner experience—to reflect this focus.

Here’s a quick look at what we’re launching this week and what you can expect to see from us in the future.

New Syncro logo and fresh color palette

Syncro’s octopus mascot represents the smart coordination of multiple features. We wanted to reinvigorate its presence to signify the concepts of greater flow and speed. Our new octopus has a friendlier face with rounded tentacles in an infinity shape that hint at continuous forward movement.

new Syncro logo & colors 2022

The updated color palette honors our signature turquoise but brightens it up a bit, and adds an inky purple and a marine blue that together represent water. A natural choice given our sea-creature mascot, our new palette also underlines the ideas of flow and motion. The pink pops as a coral accent.

Streamlined Syncro website

If you’re reading this, then you’re on our all-new website so you may already have noticed some changes!

screenshot new Syncro home page

Our goal in launching this refreshed site was simplicity and ease of use with direct access to the content you need. We’ve collapsed all our product information into a single section, added a page of MSP feedback and reviews, and substantially built out our resource center. Every page has been redesigned for a cleaner look and feel.

New and expanded MSP resources

One focus in the coming quarters is to dramatically increase and improve the resources we share with you, including more content on how to run an efficient and profitable MSP.

You’ll now find everything we publish in our updated resource hub, which you can browse, search, or filter by either topic or format.

Syncro MSP resources hub screenshot

We recently refactored our MSP blog. As of late July, we’re now publishing weekly posts focused on substantial how-tos around tech, trends, team, finance, operations, and balance. For example, in August we took a detailed look at MSP billing models and ways to get more efficient at handling tickets.

On Sep 14, we’re launching a newsletter called the Syncro Skimmer. Every two weeks, the Skimmer will curate industry headlines and resources in a quick-skim format to arm you with the news you need to run a healthier, more profitable MSP business.

We’re also launching a monthly What’s New in Syncro newsletter to keep you up to speed on the latest product developments.

Plus we’re hard at work refreshing the Syncro YouTube channel to bring more video content your way. (And as with everything, we want to hear from you. Submit a short video answering one of our questions and we’ll send you a free t-shirt with the new Syncro octopus.)

We’re also building an audio program—watch for details this fall.

Our goal with all of this content is to start more conversations with our partners and deliver information conveniently and accessibly, packing in as much value as possible, and to repurpose and resize the content across media so you can choose the format that works best for you.

Product developments

As your MSP businesses have been growing, Syncro has been stretching and growing too. We want to be there for you, whether you’re just starting your business or are accelerating your growth.

Central to the platform is reliability and security. We aren’t perfect, but we’ve made a lot of investments to resolve bugs and remediate defects, complete security audits, and upgrade infrastructure to move our cloud hosting to a more long-term scalable solution.

We also want to make sure you can monitor your clients’ fleets so we rolled out OS patching earlier this year and are providing more integrations with essential solutions like security awareness training and backup. Seeing unprecedented scale on our platform, we’ll continue to make recurring jobs and invoices run reliably.

We’re investing heavily in the PSA features, an integral component to drive efficiency for you and your MSP. One example of this investment is better VAT support for the UK region, saving hours of labor for our partners. Another is the addition of ACH support for our Stripe integration partners.

Rich text ticket comments are in the works, which will cut down on back and forth and allow easier communication with your clients.

We’re working hard on UI/UX improvements to help you find what you need more easily, get there with fewer clicks, and finish work faster. You’ll start to see changes in this area throughout the fall.

We’re rolling out reports around ticket processing efficiency, both by technician and customer, that will help you identify opportunities to grow your business faster.

We know that you never rest, and we don’t either in our mission to make your lives better. We’ll continue to deliver delighters—small improvements that make your workflow better—every couple of weeks, and you can always refer to the release notes for what’s new.

What’s not changing at Syncro

Since our beginnings in 2017, Syncro has been focused on helping MSPs start and build more efficient and profitable businesses. That’s still our mission today.

Syncro has always been a company committed to seeing the human in each other and treating people fairly. That also will not change, ever.

And as always, we’re committed to listening to partner feedback. Whether you submit a support ticket, post a comment in the Syncro community, or email me directly with your feedback, we want to hear from you. We read every message and your feedback plays a huge role in deciding our product roadmap. We only build what will help you feel more confident in the service you deliver your clients.

Emily Glass, Syncro

Emily Glass

Syncro’s president and CEO. Montreal born. Passionate about building relationships with Syncro’s partners, creating art, and playing soccer and chamber music on the violin.

14 comments on “Five and Fresh: Here’s What’s Next for Syncro

  1. Des Dougan on

    Thanks for the update, Emily.

    You are correct that you’re not perfect, but I’m happier using Syncro than the previous solution I used. I’ve been using your platform for close to 4 years and value the work you do. I’m sure this is not news, but for me, the best way to continue to service your partners is in the area of technical support. It definitely takes longer to get responses and, more importantly, resolutions to issue than it did when I started. It is all very well to increase your partner base, but don’t forget the existing client base.

    Overall, though, I see no reason to consider moving away. Please keep up the good work you and your team are doing.

    • Emily Glass on

      Hi Des, Thank you for the note and for being a loyal Syncro customer for 4 years! I am keenly aware of the importance of Support to our partners, and you all have a sharp eye for what good looks like, being on the delivery end of support for your end customers. I really value high quality support, and I want to make sure that we are providing that in every Support interaction, admittedly we are not there yet. We will continue to invest here and make improvements and will not rest until we are more consistent and responsive. Please continue to provide CSAT feedback if we mess up so that we can learn and improve.

  2. Elliott on

    Thanks for the update, As an IT Business and as you evolve the platform, I Really recommend that Syncro start to implement ITIL Frameworks into its PSA workflows this is the biggest issue we are running into and the only reason we are starting to look for potential alternatives, we are holding off until the new PSA features have been rolled out before looking any further as we love the rest of the platform,
    I also think its really important that you have a visible and Public road map so that we can see how that platform is being improved, Syncro is one of the only PSA/RMM vendors that I have found that doesn’t have that public visibility of what is being worked on in the background.

    • Bill Mrochek on

      Hello Elliot. We are researching ideas for improving some of our PSA workflows next year. If you have a specific request around ITIL support, it would be very much appreciated if you could provide an example or two in our community ideas forum, where the appropriate product manager and others in the community can engage in a conversation.

  3. Greg Rogers on

    Get us out of being vendor locked with world pay for those of us who want to do ACH and credit card processing. That would be a big step in the right direction and I believe this must be one of the top 5 things people ask for in the fb group almost daily.

    I also agree with Des 100%.

    Otherwise ensuring recurring invoices works 100% and if not, give us a reliable way to know when it breaks would be nice. Currently there is no real way to know and I’ve had a few instances in just the last year where a client calls me and says “you haven’t billed me in a few months” and I’m caught off guard.

    Otherwise I love the product and look forward to seeing what you will do with the company! 🙂 Thanks Emily!

    • Bill Mrochek on

      Hi Greg – I am Bill Mrochek, VP of Product here at Syncro. As you might have seen in other places from Emily and others – reliability is a big focus for us right now. We are just about code complete on a significant rework of recurring invoices. We don’t have a release date to share, as we need to do a lot of testing to ensure it meets the criteria – it has to work 100% of the time as you point out. But it is moving into a test phase very soon.

      We have heard loud and clear from customers that they are looking for options of different payment vendors and ACH needs specifically. Our back office team has been doing work in this area. As Emily noted we will be offering Stripe ACH to our North American partners before the end of the year – and we will continue to listen and see what other options our partners need and continue to expand over time.

  4. Chuck Rogers on

    Emily, even though we have been in business for 30 years we feel like we are the same age as Syncro because 2017 was the year we started our conversion from break/fix to MSP, and in that 5 years we have had impressive growth. I have wanted The updated color palette for some time and the “inky purple” is our branded color. Can this be applied to our employees portal?

  5. Joseph McCrea on

    Would love to see a search feature, that robustly searches. Currently, when using the ‘Search all the things’ search box, only the subject field is searchable. With thousands of tickets, and many variables on subjects, it is difficult to remember exactly what to search for. I have previously used another ticketing system, which would allow users to search subject\resolution\body etc. I have been told this is not a current feature. It would be very helpful.

    • Bill Mrochek on

      Hi Joseph – we have heard a number of requests around improving or enhancing the search feature. We do track all requests like this to build an understanding of the need. The most effective way for our team to see it is for you to submit it in the Community Forums Feature Request section. Our team reviews every idea there, and you’ll be able to garner support from other engaged Syncro users like yourself.

  6. Liz Lowry on

    Can you add a feature that would allow you to go to the customer overview from an invoice? I am often working on an invoice, and it would be so much easier if I could go back to the customer overview instead of backing out or opening a new tab. Thanks~!

    • Ian Alexander on

      Hi Liz – Ian from Syncro here. If you click the “Name” field in the top left of the Invoice Detail page, it goes to the Customer Overview page for that Customer. Is that what you’re looking for?

      Let me know if you have any questions,


  7. Michael pisto on

    There’s a few things that need to make the ticketing a bit easier to use. It would be amazing to use colors based on the urgency of tickets. Right now, it’s not used because it kinda just blends in. But if we can have like Red for 0 Urgent then orange for 1 High and so forth, that would help to see and prioritize issues.

    But i was on an RMM for 17 years that went through name changes, ownership changes and now owned by one of the SUPER RMM companies and it just got stale for years and it was ridiculously priced. Syncro isn’t perfect but it sure is easy to setup unlike a lot of other ones out there. Keep up the changes. I like the new UI since I’m late to the comment party.


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