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OS Patch Management – Major Feature Update

Syncro is excited to announce that we’ve added new features to our OS Patch Management functionality.

With OS Patch Management (2.0), your business can customize your OS Patch Policies like never before!  Now, you have the ability to:

  • Block patches by KB
  • Block patches globally or at individual policy levels
  • Customize based on Severity or Category of KB
    • With expanded capabilities – Allow, Reject, and now Defer
  • Expand and view Patch information on Asset records

Want to see the changes in action? Check out our video where we unveil what you can expect:

Andy Cormier, Syncro

Andy Cormier

Andy Cormier is Syncro’s Partner Development Director and author of So You Want to Be an MSP. Proud Texan who spends his evenings getting drunk on the tears of his competitors.

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