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Splashtop Replaces Syncro Live Remote Access Tool Within Syncro RMM & PSA

Release Updates

Updated 6/2/21: Splashtop is now live on all Syncro accounts!

Our new Splashtop functionality is now ready for release! Please note that we are rolling out Splashtop as a limited deployment for our users over the next couple of weeks. This means that a small amount of folks will have access to it today, and we’ll slowly increase that number over the course of the next several days until it’s live on all Syncro accounts. We’ll be notifying you when it’s live on your specific Syncro instance through an in-app notification that looks like this:

This new functionality serves as the new default remote access tool for Syncro. This is available to all of your technicians and all of your Windows-based Syncro devices (Mac coming soon) at no additional cost to you. We’ve also enabled the ability for MSPs to enable remote access for their end users through our Customer Portal. This incurs a cost of $5 USD per contact per month, and the contact can access as many assets as they are assigned to, or all assets with the appropriate permissions, for that same $5 per-contact fee. It goes without saying we’ve fully integrated this into Syncro’s dynamic recurring billing system, where we will count the number of contacts with remote access enabled automatically for you, and bill according each month without you have to lift a finger.

To learn more about this native Splashtop integration, check out our Splashtop Help Center article here.

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Ian Alexander

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