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Syncro Product Highlights from Q3

Over the past few months, we’ve made tremendous progress on the Syncro platform, and continue to support our growing partners by listening to feedback and prioritizing their needs. 

In Q3, we’ve deepened our focus and efforts on enhancing security as well as efficiency and automation within the Syncro platform. As we look toward Q4 and ahead to 2024, we’ll continue to prioritize initiatives that will help you run and grow your MSP business.

Q3 Progress & Wins

Team Plan

We rolled out our new Team Plan, built specifically to support growing partners with multiple technicians, to provide more flexibility, control, and better service delivery. 

The Team Plan includes enhanced features such as seamless integration with Azure AD to enable Contact syncing and O365 Billing Automation, expanded Splashtop integration that allows multi-monitor support and multiple techs per session, real-time ticket automations and assignments to streamline your service desk operations, and follows our standard per-user pricing. The Team and Core plans both offer no-contract monthly per-user prices, with unlimited endpoints and access to our all-in-one PSA/RMM and remote access platform. 

As part of the new Team Plan, we introduced our first real-time automation trigger, ‘Ticket Created’, to trigger automations nearly instantly as new tickets are created in your Syncro account. By applying automations in real time, you can create help desk automation without risking delays or disruptions to your workflow.


We continued to enhance platform security measures in Q3, including completing our SOC 2 audit. [Core & Team plan]

Customer Tags & Ticket Automations

Customer Tags are an easy and flexible way for you to categorize customers beyond existing filtration to develop more robust filtering and dynamic ticket automations. This feature is even more powerful when combined with Real-Time Ticket Automations (only available with the Team plan).

For example, using Customer Tags in conjunction with Real-Time Ticket Automations will allow you to automatically assign new tickets submitted by large customers to your top technicians.

Splashtop auto reconnect

We released an update to Splashtop that allows you to reconnect automatically after triggering a reboot (within a 10-minute timeout window) [Core & Team plan].

Rich Text Polish

We continued to polish Rich Text and are committed to solving all known issues as well as rolling out this feature to all partners. In Q3, we resolved all but four of the known issues we consider blockers, and work is in progress on the remaining issues right now. If you’d like Rich Text enabled for your account please contact Support. [Core & Team plan]

Many more QoL enhancements

As part of our ongoing Community-Driven Development Track, we made additional optimizations to our platform, including:

  • Added Contact Name to Additional Internal Ticket Notifications 
  • Ticket View Assignment (all users version)
  • Highlighted Relevant Section in Search All in yellow
  • Allowed Bulk Attachment Removal in Tickets
  • And many more!


Features to look for in Q4 2023

Heading into Q4, our goal is to continue streamlining workflows for our partners, whether that’s updating payment options, expanding our integrations to make managing solutions for clients easier, or implementing additional security features.

Q4 Themes

Security & Insights

  • SSO and IP allowlist features were mostly completed in Q3 and will be launching early this quarter to help bolster your productivity and network security. [Core & Team plan]
  • User session audit logs will allow partners to reference a comprehensive record of actions to help troubleshoot issues, monitor compliance, and enhance security. [Core & Team plan]
  • Team Ticket View Health will allow our partners to track and analyze support ticket performance to ensure efficient issue prioritization, triage, resource allocation, and resolution. [Team plan] 
  • Following the addition of Team Ticket View Health, we will be adding Ticket View metrics that allows technicians to monitor their individual views to track support ticket performance. [Core & Team plan]
  • We’ll also begin working on per-client permissions that will eventually allow partners to define and manage user access permissions on a per-client basis, enhancing compliance measures while streamlining client needs. [Core & Team plan]


  • We’ll continue revamping the Syncro App Center to be more intuitive to help you discover essential solutions to serve your end customers and introduce additional backup and antivirus products that you have been asking for.


Have thoughts on how we can simplify things for you?

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Have other feature requests or general questions?

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