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Community-Driven Development Track

If You Could Only Have That One Little Thing…

At Syncro, we are in the unique position of being led by a small handful of MSPs. In fact, you’ll hear us say quite often how we’re developed by MSPs, for MSPs. We find ourselves constantly falling back to our MSP days to build things we wish we had when we were forced to use traditional RMM and PSA platforms to run our businesses. We can’t tell you how many times we encountered a feature or function that just needed an extremely small quality of life (QOL) update to take it from simply being good, to being great. This seemed to occur in just about everything we touched from our CRM, RMM, PSA, chat software, etc.

Multiple Emails Per Contact

“This is the second time Syncro has implemented one of my suggestions…“

Carl Howell
This is the second time the team at Syncro has implemented one of my suggestions for the product and I could not be happier. This latest feature allows each contact to have an additional email address so they raise tickets on their account from both their work or personal email addresses. This is great at a time where more people are working from home and using their own equipment and mobile devices.

Your ldeas, Our Developers

We’ve always prided ourselves on direct interaction with our community, and we are constantly looking for ways to expand that relationship whenever and wherever possible. We thought it would be great to bring together our love of community with our love of doing what traditional MSP platforms can’t, by allowing our very own community to lead these QOL updates directly. After all, who knows better what would benefit your business other than, well, you!

Warn When Resolving Tickets With Uncharged Time

“This saves 30-60 mins per invoicing cycle minimum. Thanks for the QOL update guys!“

Brad Otto

As part of our invoicing process with Syncro – we made it a standard step to always check a report for unbilled charges as it is very easy to miss the “charge now” check box on tickets. Every one of our techs does this at least once each invoicing period. We then have to manually go to each ticket and review those unbilled charges and hit the button to “charge now”. In our case – we charge for all time (though the rate may be zero) as I don’t want my tech’s making the decision for what time should be charged – ever – that is not their gig.

Now with this change to notify the tech on close of ticket that they have uncharged time – it will save me a whole manual step during invoicing. I’ll be able to get to the meat and potatoes of sending out invoices immediately saving me time on each invoicing cycle. This saves 30-60 mins per invoicing cycle minimum. Thanks for the QOL update guys!

Focusing on Quality of Life

While we have other development tracks for tackling larger items, this one is exclusive to small quality of life improvements and this will remain the focus going forward. And remember, when adding your own submissions please be as specific as possible. We want to know how this one small change would impact your day to day by saving time, saving money, making money, or other improved efficiencies. Some of our favorite features have actually come directly from this program, like adding your MSP’s business hours to our Automated Remediation system. Now you can take specific actions on alerts based on whether or not your MSP is currently open for business.

Needless to say, we’ve been absolutely thrilled with your continued support of this program and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Automatically Renaming Associated Records