Community-Driven Development Track

Help us fine tune the Syncro platform to improve the lives of our partners. Start gathering your ideas for small quality-of-life updates (QOL) today.

MSP partners are our greatest source of inspiration

What small tweaks to the Syncro platform would help you save time? Ease your pain points? Increase your profitability? We want to know.

Often, a feature or function just needs a small quality-of-life (QOL) update to take it from simply being good, to being great. So we’ve introduced our new Community-Driven Development Track to build the incremental enhancements that would improve the lives of our Syncro partners.

How to submit QOL requests

  1. Join our Facebook user group if you haven’t already.
  2. Every few weeks in our Facebook user group, we’ll set a date in advance that you’ll be able to submit QOL enhancement requests.
  3. On the established date, you’ll have 24 hours to submit up to two requests on the designated post on our Facebook user group.
  4. Please submit each request as its own entry. Explain the use case behind why you want this feature, and how it would impact your business. Make sure to tag Andy Cormier on your requests to ensure they’re seen and discussed.
  5. We’ll announce our two favorites for the engineering team to scope.
  6. The approved QOL enhancements will be live on the platform within a month.
  7. If your submission wins, the glory—and improved QOL—is yours.

Examples of features built in the past

Automatically Renaming Associated Records

“I believe this feature will impact our business by allowing our accounting team more time to complete tasks. We appreciate the opportunity Syncro provides us to tailor the software to the needs of our business. We hope that this helps other businesses as much as ours.”

– Martha Monroe, TC Tech Systems

Multiple Emails Per Contact

“This is the second time Syncro has implemented one of my suggestions…”
– Carl Howell

Warn When Resolving Tickets With Uncharged Time

“This saves 30-60 mins per invoicing cycle minimum. Thanks for the QOL update guys!”
– Brad Otto