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Syncro Enhancements to Help Grow Your MSP Business / Q2 2023

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Midway into 2023, the momentum in the MSP market remains strong. Our partners are growing, and we are listening to their evolving needs to determine how to help support them. We continue to refine our platform by listening to our partners and developing the technology they need to run and grow their businesses.

We launched several new initiatives, features, and enhancements in the last few months, including top-requested PSA features, security qualifications, and quality-of-life (QOL) improvements. 

So, what’s new at Syncro?

Team plan

We’re excited to announce our new Team plan, expanding the Syncro offering to give MSPs even more power, flexibility, and control to manage their teams, deliver better service, and increase profitability. There is no change to the price or feature set of our existing plan, now named the “Core” plan.

The Team plan serves as the perfect option for businesses with multiple technicians by providing more in-depth data aggregation and analysis, powerful remote access, control over technician ticket visibility, and real-time ticket automations. The Team plan, for $189/user/month or $179/user/month paid up front, includes all of the current plan PSA, RMM & Remote Access features plus:

  • Enhanced Splashtop functionality: Includes multi-monitor support and multiple techs per session.
  • PowerBI templates: Facilitates advanced analytics and business intelligence.
  • Scheduled database exports: Automatically export Syncro data to a chosen database.
  • Azure AD sync: Seamless integration with Azure AD to enable Contact syncing and O365 Billing Automation.
  • Real-time ticket automations & assignments: Streamlines service desk operations.
  • Scheduled support callbacks: Enjoy a new addition to the Support Channels with the ability to schedule callbacks for any technical support assistance needed.

Community-Driven Development Track

Our partners are our greatest source of inspiration. That’s why we re-launched our Community-Driven Development Track (CDDT) where we develop small, quality-of-life feature requests directly from our partner community. 

Each month we ask our partners to submit quality-of-life feature requests. After selecting our two favorites, the engineering team scopes and develops the features if they meet the criteria.

This allows us to quickly deliver meaningful enhancements that improve MSPs’ lives. We’ve already had lots of feedback from our partners on the positive impact the program has had on their businesses.

We’ve already brought a couple QOL submissions into fruition, including:

  • Attach Worksheets to Tickets as Part of a Ticket Automation (Brad Otto)
  • Ticket Notifications to Include The Contact Name (John Costlow)
  • Software Inventory Report to Include Filtered Links to the Asset List Page (Jeremy McMahan)

SOC 2 Compliance

Syncro will soon be SOC 2 compliant, which means we have the right security practices documented and comply with rigorous standards to safeguard our partners’ data, as audited by an independent third party. Read more about what it means for MSPs in a blog post by Chief Product & Technology Officer Kristen Costagliola.

Ticketing page updates

We brought many updates to our Tickets module to streamline MSPs’ workflows and level up their capabilities.

Ticket Filters

We simplified the experience when interacting with Ticket Filters. All Ticket Filter and grouping options are now organized neatly in the upper right of the Ticket Index page and much easier to use.

Ticket Views

Ticket Saved Searches are now Ticket Views! We updated the Ticket View dropdown to be easier to find and easier to use. Ticket grouping is no longer persistent within Ticket Filters and that persistence has now moved to Ticket Views. Primary and Secondary grouping options can now be saved into the Ticket Views letting MSPs customize your workflows even further.

Ticket Tags

We launched a powerful new PSA feature called Ticket Tags for both the Core and Team plans, which will enhance how our partners categorize their tickets beyond existing filters to increase visibility and efficiency. This will help MSPs organize and prioritize tickets across multiple queues with more flexibility.

Rich Text

Rich Text is currently in opt in/out status while we improve our email processing and fix a few remaining known issues impacting a subset of accounts with Rich Text enabled. 

We recently finished work on the highest severity Rich Text issues such as emails being auto-triggered erroneously. We pushed out additional releases to correct formatting errors. We will resume the rollout to our partners in Q3.

QOL enhancements

Big or small, we’re always looking for ways to make MSPs’ lives easier. Here are just some of the enhancements we’ve recently implemented to the platform:

  • Split Ticket action now records a system comment on the originating ticket which notes the action occurred and includes a link to the split ticket, helping with auditing
  • New month tags in recurring invoice line item descriptions for last month, current month, and next month
  • New notification for tickets originating from Agent Contact Forms
  • Top navigation remains persistent while you scroll down the page and can be collapsed
  • Sort Policies by Created and Updated columns
  • Exclude inactive Assets that haven’t checked in for x days.
  • “Search All the Things” capability where invoice search results display newest to oldest in descending order 

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