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The 6 MSP Trends That Will Define 2024

For many MSPs, 2024 will be a year of growth. Technologies such as advanced AI and custom automations will continue to help businesses streamline their existing systems, making space to explore new strategies and giving MSPs breathing room to iron out remote work challenges and marketing obstacles.

A recent Canalys poll revealed that 56% of MSPs expect 10% year-over-year growth in 2024 — a goal that feels well within reach thanks to the tools available today. But it’s not just about implementing the best technology. This year’s MSP trends also focus on increasing market share through strategic partnerships and effective lead generation opportunities.

As customers increasingly demand safe and secure cloud infrastructure and better cybersecurity management, MSPs are stepping into the limelight and seeking ways to better service existing customers as they grow.

Let’s take a closer look at notable MSP trends for this year.

Key MSP trends in 2024

This year, we’ll continue to see an uptick in automation, strategic partnerships, and new perspectives on marketing.

Remote work challenges

The rise in remote working has opened doors for businesses, but it’s also created challenges for MSPs and their clients. It’s tricky managing endpoints across different time zones, and the inevitable bring-your-own-device (BYOD) system can create security issues for clients with particular compliance needs.

With Syncro, MSPs can securely access client devices for remote sessions and tap into a suite of remote support features. There’s a remote task manager, a file system browser, and a remote service manager, as well as other key tools that let you manage client accounts from anywhere.

Push for automation

Automation helps MSPs grow by freeing up technician time. With this extra time, technicians can focus their energy and efforts on business-critical tasks that move the needle. As automating repetitive, rule-based tasks becomes easier, we’ll see more MSPs leaning into powerful automation technology to speed up operations and reduce human error.

Higher need for integrations

Most businesses today have a sizable tech stack working behind the scenes. And, although stack sizes have shrunk by about 10% since last year, the average business still uses around 291 apps, tools, and software.

Logging in and out of 291 apps daily is impossible, which is why integrations are so important. Most MSPs are prioritizing integrations in 2024.

AI-enhanced processes

ChatGPT and other generative AI formats have caused a stir in the business world — and for good reason. They take the manual labor out of mundane, repetitive tasks and help speed up everything from writing sales emails and responding to support tickets to creating marketing content.

An increasing number of MSPs are turning to ChatGPT to automate help desk responses, create documentation, and streamline troubleshooting. They’re even using it to translate code and develop target personas.

There are obviously some risks involved in using ChatGPT as an MSP. If not trained properly, AI can generate incorrect information, so MSPs may be looking at creating policies that define limitations for the use of AI.

Growth of strategic partnerships

Teamwork makes the dream work. There’s a reason this saying exists, and it’s because it’s easier to get ahead when working as a unit, not silos.  About 50% of MSPs plan to launch a hybrid delivery model this year, working closely with other partners and vendors to create a comprehensive solution.

Strategic partnerships can help MSPs work more efficiently, as well as offer additional services for customers. For example, Syncro’s partnership with Acronis helps MSPs keep their customers secure without needing a separate platform for security.

Customer acquisition and marketing

The Canalys 2024 MSP predictions survey placed customer acquisition at the top of the to-do list. While an ongoing MSP trend is obviously to attract new leads and turn them into customers, data from the survey shows something else. MSPs also plan to work on upselling services with existing clients and increasing market share through strategic advertising. Additionally, many plan to hire marketing leads and train existing staff to help raise their brand profile and online presence.

Effective lead generation involves a mix of marketing tactics, including driving ad traffic to conversion-focused landing pages, writing blog posts and marketing collateral to share on social media, and forming promotional partnerships with industry professionals.

Supporting MSP growth in 2024 and beyond

This should be an exciting year of growth and experimentation in the MSP world. Growing remote work challenges mean MSPs are looking for ways to efficiently manage client work across time zones, and the sophistication of AI and automation will help MSPs implement new ways to put repetitive tasks on autopilot.

The beauty of Syncro is it’s fully scalable. Its remote access features help MSPs support clients in any location with a suite of remote functions, and advanced integrations create an ecosystem of apps, tools, and software that work together in harmony.

Want to see how Syncro can help you keep up with 2024’s trends? Book a demo today.


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