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Syncro Expands Partnership With Acronis

Syncro and Acronis Partnership

As the challenges of cyber protection management evolve at breakneck speed, having a backup solution is critical for MSPs. We’re expanding our partnership with Acronis to help MSPs keep their customers secure while streamlining their tool management into a single hub. 

Enjoy the full Acronis Cyber Protect suite

For existing partners, we want to thank you for the resounding support of our Acronis partnership, and we are excited to reveal that we are expanding the partnership in a handful of ways. 

Cyber Protect Suite: First and foremost, as of today, all Syncro partners will now have access to the full breadth and depth of the entire Acronis Cyber Protect suite. No product offering is excluded.

New pricing tiers: Additionally, on top of our already aggressive pricing, the expanded Acronis partnership makes it even easier to save more on your monthly Acronis spend. 

Besides our no-minimum and no-commit pricing model, we’re introducing pricing tiers that reward you as you continue to expand your business to meet the needs of your growing customer base. We’ve added all-new pricing tiers at $250 and $1,000. 

All SKUs, along with a breakdown of our new pricing tiers, are now available in the Acronis app card in the App Center of your Syncro instance.

Acronis technical support: We’ve also secured direct technical support from Acronis for all Syncro customers. You will no longer need to contact Syncro directly to obtain support for Acronis Cyber Protect.

We have several upcoming webinars in which we will share more on the expanded Acronis partnership. 

Register for our webinars

  1. Utilizing the Full Breadth of Acronis Cyber Protect

Thursday, October 26, 1pm CT

Acronis will lead the discussion and deep dive the full breadth and depth of what Acronis Cyber Protect has to offer.

  1. Positioning and Selling Acronis to Your Clients

Thursday, November 9, 1pm CT

Andy Cormier, Syncro’s Partner Development Director, joins Acronis to discuss the best methods for selling backups into your customer base. 

  1. Get Certified in Acronis

Thursday, November 16, 1pm CT

Acronis leads a two-hour training course, awarding attendees a full Acronis Cyber Protect certification.

  1. Get Certified in Acronis

Tuesday, December 12, 1pm CT

We’re replicating this webinar for partners unable to attend on November 16. 

Acronis leads a two-hour training course, awarding attendees a full Acronis Cyber Protect certification.

For more details on Acronis and the general partnership, view our page or reach out to for questions. 

Andy Cormier, Syncro

Andy Cormier

My passion and expertise lie in empowering MSPs to achieve unprecedented levels of profitability. As an industry veteran, I love bringing innovative strategies to the table for our partners, and enjoy nothing more than savoring the tears of our competitors.