Hey all,

A few months ago, we released a bunch of updates to Syncro Live, one of which was a new Remote Session Indicator highly requested by our users.

Another piece of feedback we received after launching the indicator was the ability to enable the Session Indicator to be on by default for all clients.

Well, today’s the day! This setting is now available within your Syncro account.

To enable this setting:

  1. Log into your Syncro account.
  2. Head to the “Admin” section from the “More” dropdown menu in the main navigation bar.
  3. Locate the “RMM Settings” column on the far-left side of the page.
  4. Click on the “Preferences” link.
  5. At the very bottom of this page, you will see that we’ve added a new category called “Remote Access Settings” which includes a “Show Syncro Live session indicator by default” field.
  6. Checkmark this setting and be sure to click “Save” to enable.

To ensure the setting worked:

  1. Open the “Assets & RMM” module in your Syncro account.
  2. Select a Syncro Device and open up Syncro Live on the Asset.
  3. Go to the “Remote Desktop” tab and begin your session.
  4. Notice the new “Session Indicator” toggle at the top of the screen is on by default!
  5. You will notice a popup in the bottom right corner of the client’s desktop which indicates your remote session has started.
  6. Click the toggle to turn the Session Indicator off.

NOTE: This feature is turned on by default for all Syncro accounts created after today. If you’re reading this and you currently have an existing Syncro account, you will want to follow the instructions above to turn this setting on if you wish.

To learn more about Syncro Live, check out our Help Center article here.

The Syncro Team