Hey Syncro users,

If you haven’t used Syncro Live for a while, now’s the time to reignite the flame 🙂

Our team has been working long and hard to crush bugs, improve functionality, and ultimately increase the reliability and performance of Syncro Live’s Remote Access tool.

This includes some pretty drastic changes to the backend functionality of this feature (our secret sauce), as well as a couple of new items which we’ve outlined below.

  1. The work on the backend has allowed for better connections and reconnections, more Direct connections vs Relayed, fewer lags and drops, and less “Remote host not found” issues. Remoting into Syncro Devices is now faster, more stable, and more reliable overall.
  2. Additionally, we’ve improved multi-monitor support to better serve you when trying to work with a client who has multiple screens!
  3. We added a Session Indicator, so you can now elect to notify a client if you’re remoting into their machine, straight from the Syncro Live session on your end. To do this simply:
      1. Log into your Syncro account.
      2. Open the “Assets & RMM” module.
      3. Select a Syncro Device and open Syncro Live on the Asset.
      4. Go to the “Remote Desktop” tab and begin your session.
      5. Notice the new “Session Indicator” toggle at the top of the screen!
      6. Click the toggle to turn the Session Indicator on. You will notice a popup on the bottom right-hand side of the client’s device which indicates you’re remote session has opened.

We hope you enjoy these updates, and appreciate your support as we continue to develop Syncro Live.

Please send any feedback to help@syncromsp.com.

The Syncro Team