Hey Syncro Users,

Happy Friday!

This week may have been a slow week for most of us, but that doesn’t mean the Syncro team doesn’t have something new to share 🙂

Our Xero integration is now out of Beta and ready to help you save time and double data entry by keeping your Customers, Invoices, Payments, and Purchase Orders in sync across both platforms automatically.

This includes:

  • Syncing Invoices and Payments to your Xero account
  • Syncing new Customers and updating existing Customers once the Invoice syncs
  • Updating the inventory list
  • Syncing Purchase Orders to Xero from Syncro
  • Creating Bills in Xero when Syncro Purchase Orders are finished
  • Syncing Payments from Xero to Syncro

These features are triggered when an update is made to your Payments or Invoices in Syncro.

To set up the integration, head to the App Center in your Syncro account and click on the “Xero Accounting” app card. Click the “Connect Now” button on the app details page and follow the instructions from here.

To get started in setting up the integration’s features and learn more about them, please review our Help Center article here.

To learn more about Xero, visit our website.

We welcome any feedback you have, and look forward to bringing you more soon!

The Syncro Team