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Syncro’s Enhanced Microsoft Entra ID Sync

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Streamline operations and provide better service to your clients by syncing data from Entra ID Users directly to Syncro Contacts. Ensure that you aren’t being charged for licenses that you aren’t using, and take granular control with per-tenant settings.

Our newly improved Entra ID Sync feature set is available with Syncro Team Plan.

Syncro Entra ID Sync Features:

  • Synced Contact Information: Keep all client contact information synced ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.
  • Automated Client Billing: Automate client billing based on their Microsoft License type using the Customer Contact.
  • Saving Clients Money: Lower costs by finding unused Microsoft licenses and automatically remove them.
  • Audit Client Security: Quickly find clients who have low Microsoft Secure Scores or don’t have MFA turned on.
  • Clear Empty Licenses with Per Tenant Controls: Create per-tenant settings, so that you can decide exactly what you want to do when someone leaves: either clearing the empty license or leaving it static.
  • Link Contacts to Devices: You can now link Entra-created contacts directly to devices, provided the client has the appropriate license (Entra P1, included in M365 Premium). This will allow you to easily leverage future AI features that will enable automatic assignment of related assets to a contact’s tickets.
  • Updated Naming: We have updated the integration’s name to Microsoft Entra ID Sync to stay in line with Microsoft’s branding changes.

Getting started with Syncro’s Entra ID Sync

To get started using Syncro’s Entra ID Sync, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Integrations – App Center, and click the Entra ID App Card:

Step 2: Click Add a Syncro API Key for your Entra ID Integration

Step 3: Enter your subdomain and API Key, then click Save and Continue:

Note: If you haven’t created an API Key yet, navigate to Admin > API – API Tokens, click +New Token and create an API Token with the following permissions

  • Customers – All
  • Contacts – All
  • Documentation – All
  • Assets – All

Step 4: For each Customer, you’ll need access to their Entra portal. Log into it, navigate to Microsoft Entra and copy the Tenant ID to the clipboard.

Step 5: In the table in the App Card, click “Connect Entra ID” for the Customer you want to connect to Entra ID.

Step 6: Paste the Tenant ID, make any optional selections (see below), and click Connect Your Data to authenticate with Entra ID:

  • Select any Departments to Ignore (Leave this blank to not ignore any Departments)
  • Select any Departments to Include (Leave this blank to include all Departments)
  • Include guest users (We recommend leaving this off unless you have a specific use case for including guests)
  • Remove empty licenses (We recommend this be enabled if you plan on using the integration for billing)

Step 7: Repeat Steps 4-6 for each Customer you want to connect to Entra ID.

For more information on getting started, click here.

Syncro is committed to building a combined RMM and PSA that meets the needs of modern MSPs. To see our product roadmap click here.


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