IT Specialties You Can Offer to Capture More Sales

Does it ever seem like you’re in a rut with your sales? You market the same MSP products and services, but feel like your growth is on a plateau.

It can be easy to think “inside the box” when it comes to what your business can offer. Often, you are already offering more than you think but you’re not selling those additional services

For example, you may do setup for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for customers when they need it. But do you have a service page for this on your website? Do you have any content SEO out there to call out that you can do this for businesses?

Once you begin exploring not only what you can already do but aren’t marketing, but also other specialties in the IT world, your rut can suddenly turn into a highway of opportunity.

We’ve put together a list of ideas below for several specialty IT services that you can promote. Some you may do already and others you may want to start offering.

For those that strike a chord with you, call this out specifically on a service page on your website and integrate it into your content marketing to help you capture new revenue streams. 

Email Authentication Setup

With brand impersonation in phishing being an ever-present problem, email service providers have increased phishing defenses, which can often cause legitimate emails to be bounced.

This can be frustrating for companies that don’t have a DMARC email authentication standard in place.

The problem with phishing and rejected emails because of the increase in email security has led to a rise in DMARC adoption. As of December 2020, there was a 43% increase in domains publishing a DMARC record over the prior year.

Promoting email authentication setup services to set up the DMARC as well as SPF and DKIM protocols can give you an additional revenue stream while helping you fill a big need for your customers.

Microsoft Teams Setup

Microsoft has been promoting Teams big time over the last few years. It ended Skype for Business in 2021, and recently introduced a new plan, Teams Essentials, specifically for small businesses.

Many companies are adopting MS Teams, but the process can be complicated. Things involved include:

  • Setting up company channels efficiently
  • Training staff on the software
  • Setting up security
  • Setting up integrations with other apps
  • Setting up conferencing
  • And more

Take advantage of Microsoft’s sales efforts for Teams by offering custom MS Teams setup and management services for organizations. 

Website Maintenance/Security

Websites are pretty easy for anyone to create using WordPress these days. But keeping them maintained and secured from hackers… not so easy.

61% of malware-infected WordPress websites have outdated themes and/or plugins. People set them up, and then expect them to be on autopilot. But these sites need to be maintained and have the proper security in place, otherwise, the online presence that a company relies on for sales can go down.

If your company is looking for some new areas of revenue, offering WordPress website maintenance and security services could be one for you.

Medical Equipment Managed Services

Today’s medical devices rely heavily on digitization. These internet-connected monitors and machines run on software that can become infected with malware or have a glitch, just like the software on computers.

If you have hospital groups or medical centers in your service territory, then investing in training for your team on how to provide IT services for IoT medical equipment could be a smart move and open a new lucrative revenue stream for your team. 

Guest Wi-Fi Setup for Businesses

Free guest Wi-Fi has become a popular perk to offer and one that is becoming expected in a lot of areas. For example, anyone walking into a coffee shop and wanting to get online will expect to see a free Wi-Fi they can use.

Likewise, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” is usually one of the first things someone asks when checking into a hotel.

Those public Wi-Fis need to be set up and maintained by an IT professional. This may be another one of those services that you already offer, but it’s grouped in with your network services as a bullet point.

Because this is such a common need among service establishments and retailers, it makes sense to highlight public guest Wi-Fi set up services on its own service page and then promote that service to entities like hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, medical offices, and more.

Custom PC Builds

Custom PC builds aren’t just for gamers (though that is one target audience for them), businesses and people that work from home can also benefit from having a professional put together a quality PC for their needs.

Buying off the shelf can lock someone into having to choose the best version they can find of their “dream machine,” instead of getting exactly what they want. Most people can’t just build their own from parts.

But an IT pro can.

Promoting custom builds is a win-win if you like to do this type of work. The customer gets what they like, and often the cost can be comparable to or less than a PC from a big box store. You get a new revenue stream and earn a new customer that may also be interested in more of your services.

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Caitlin Good

Denver-based content marketing manager for Syncro. Curator of new experiences: creating compelling and helpful content on the weekday, exploring nature and cities on the weekend.