6 Ways You Can Better Target Prospects for Improved Lead Quality

Does it ever seem like you’re getting lots of leads, but they’re not buying anything? Generating leads isn’t just about volume. Quality plays an important part in how successful your marketing will be.

If you’re seeing a lot of residential leads but are trying to sell B2B remote management services, then you are missing the mark in a couple of key ways. You may not be targeting your marketing channels appropriately. You may also not have a way to properly segment your leads as they come in. 

If you’re not targeting prospects well, it can mean your team ends up spending an inordinate amount of time on a person that’s only going to make a small one-time purchase. At the same time, they may be missing important follow-ups on leads that could mean recurring revenue each month.

Use the tips below to improve your lead targeting and ensure you have the right systems in place to automate targeted messaging for your MSP:

They Are the Right Size?

If you’re attracting large enterprise customers, but you’re really more set up to service small businesses, then you’ll end up disappointing a larger lead and missing the mark with companies that are a better fit.

When doing any type of advertising, it’s important to identify your audience size and then tailor your website, ads, and other messaging to that specific client.

Make sure you know what size client would be your perfect customer type. Then, work to hone your message to use the same types of language to speak to their technology pain points.

They Are in the Right Vertical?

If you have to say “we can’t do that” too often to clients, you need to stop and ask why this type of client keeps coming your way.

For example, you may not work in the financial sector, but keep getting inquiries from banks for help with regulatory compliance. If you’re not targeting the right vertical, then you can end up spinning your wheels but not having much to show for it.

Do some research on where your leads are coming from and where the types of leads that you do want are most likely to be on the internet. Look for ways to reach them through targeted blog content and social media groups.

More than 80% of B2B leads that come from social media are generated from LinkedIn.

Do They Understand the Importance of Managed IT?

Not all businesses understand the importance of keeping IT regularly managed. These are the types of customers that usually come to you to fix something that is broken, but shy away when you mention proactive managed IT support. 

If you’re okay with much of your business being break/fix, then that may be okay. But if you’re looking for recurring revenue from ongoing managed services, then you may need to change your lead targeting and how you funnel leads as they come in.

Do They Have an In-House IT Team?

A very important piece of data to know about a new prospect is whether or not they have an in-house IT team. If they do, then you’ll be positioning your message differently.

In-house IT teams often need professional support from an IT partner. You want to make sure you’re sending the right message relating to co-managed IT support rather than the messaging you’d use for someone that had no in-house technology team.

Asking a simple question on your contact form can help you segment the two so you can automate different follow-up email messages. Just provide a checkbox and state, “Check if you have an in-house IT team.”

Are You Marketing in the Right Places?

If you seem to be bringing in too many leads that aren’t interested in your offerings and not enough that are, then your marketing isn’t hitting the right places.

You should review where the best places are to market online to your target groups. For example, if you do a lot of residential work, then places like Facebook can put you in front of the right audience.

If you work mainly with B2B, then you’ll want to look into advertising on LinkedIn or industry-related websites and publications. 

When creating content for SEO-optimized content marketing, make sure you’re using the right headlines and keywords to attract the audiences you want.

Are Your Systems Set Up to Segment Leads?

If all your leads come in looking the same, it’s going to be harder to separate them into different segments and priorities. 

Put together automated systems that start with your web forms and integrate with your email marketing platform that can segment leads into audience categories.

You only need a few of them to improve your efficiency and prospect targeting and follow-up.

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