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6 Current Sales & Marketing Trends MSPs Should Consider

When planning your marketing tactics, it can be difficult to decide where to deploy your time, energy, and budget. Online marketing has definitely eclipsed offline, but you still need to find the right combination of “touches” to reach new leads and encourage new business.

These touch points can be a mix of digital and traditional marketing. That combination should also include new marketing trends, which are usually driven by how consumers are making buying decisions and searching for information. The best part? MSPs of all sizes can implement them!

67% of consumers say online purchasing increased since the start of the pandemic. 

If you’ve let your marketing strategy become outdated, then you could be losing potential business. When planning your lead generation activities for this year, consider incorporating some of the big marketing trends being seen.

Virtual Events

The pandemic has changed the way we interact with each other. Large crowd-encouraging events have been replaced in many cases by virtual events for safety and convenience.

Virtual events not only reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, they also allow companies to reach more people in more areas. With much of an MSP’s services being able to be done remotely, you no longer have to be limited to serving clients only in your immediate vicinity.

Using a video platform like Zoom or Facebook Live is becoming a popular way to host educational seminars, new product and service launches, and other marketing events.

For example, Syncro joined our integration partner Gradient MSP’s virtual LegUp ’21 conference last November. We are also starting up a new webinar series of our own in April, so stay tuned to more announcements about this!

Peer Reviews To Boost Reputation & Authority

Trust is an important factor when it comes to gaining new customers. People have so many options when searching online for IT services that it’s important to help your company stand out.

While most companies understand the benefits of customer reviews and testimonials, not as many work to get peer reviews.

These would be reviews from other IT professionals that would be in a non-competing market. For example, an IT business that you partnered with in a different state on a cybersecurity webinar.

When someone sees a review from another IT firm, that holds a lot of weight in a buying decision and could put you ahead of another MSP that has the same comparable MSP reviews as you do.

Start by making a connection with a non-competing IT business and discussing a project that you could do together (such as IT training videos or a webinar), then give each other an honest opinion of the other in a review.

Adding a Personal Touch

Professional services automation has taken over many customer communications. This can be both bad and good. On the positive side is that companies save time when reaching out to new leads with information. On the downside, if not done well, it can result in a less personal experience.

Some businesses are now going back to the basics by incorporating more personal marketing in with their automated strategies. Things like sending a thank you card to a new customer and making a personal phone call to see how things are going can make you stand out.

Short Videos That Entertain & Educate

One social media platform that has taken the internet by storm is TikTok. In efforts to keep up, services like Instagram have also been big on pushing short videos.

These videos aren’t just for entertainment. Many companies use them as an effective marketing tool. They take less time to create than long-form videos and take advantage of the current consumer video-watching trend.

64% of consumers purchase from a company after watching their marketing video. So, if you haven’t yet incorporated video into your marketing mix, this year is a good time to start.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Staying on the social media topic… another trend is marketing through Facebook Messenger. This direct message component of Facebook has an engagement metric that is 10 to 80 times higher (depending on industry) than email marketing. 

Facebook Messenger bots also exist that allow interaction with customers and answers to common questions 24/7. The ease of accessing FB Messenger on mobile devices makes it a great way to interact with customers. 

SMS Sale Notices & Reminders

Have you noticed you’ve been getting more text messages from retailers in the past year than you did previously? Using SMS for sale notices, service or appointment reminders, and sales confirmations has become a major marketing trend.

Companies are finding ways to get past the crowded email inbox, and SMS offers a more direct connection. Text messages are also generally easier content to produce because they’re shorter, won’t have graphics design involved, and can easily be automated to trigger from a marketing platform.

Use an All-Inclusive RMM/PSA Software That Integrates with Your Marketing

The Syncro RMM/PSA platform includes many customer-facing functions that help you incorporate your marketing messages into other content that you generate for leads and clients.  

Contact us today to schedule a free demo and a 30-day free trial. Call 856-579-6276 or start your trial online.


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