Automation & Scripting

Experience Fully Integrated
Automation Between
Your RMM & PSA

Syncro prides itself on power through simplicity. Our scripting engine and automation capabilities are second to none, and the best part is, you’ll have them up and running in a day. No university required. 

Automated Remediation

Where traditional MSP platforms expect you to attach your actions directly to each individual monitor, we’ve built those into their own subsystem allowing you flexibility rarely seen in competitive platforms. Think of Automated Remediation as Air Traffic Control for your RMM Alerts, which can automate taking any number of actions when certain RMM Alert criteria is met, such as opening tickets, running scripts, sending email notifications, and even sending messages to your Slack or Teams channel.

Community Script Library

Sometimes the best resources come from our stellar Syncro community directly. That’s why we’ve enabled a community script library, offering you hundreds of scripts to choose from right from your fellow Syncro users.

Making Money While You Sleep

What if scripts were more than just scripts? What if they could create tickets, add billable time, and even resolve themselves all while you slept? With a truly combined PSA and RMM solution like Syncro, that’s just the start of what we can do. 

Ready to Experience an All-In-One MSP Platform?

Platform Variables

Imagine how much power you could inject into your scripts if they could pull data from other areas of the platform, like customer, contact, and asset records. With Syncro, you should expect no less. Use values from any field, even custom ones, as script variables.

Powershell Module

Syncro’s PowerShell Commands are what happens when you have a platform created by MSPs, for MSPs. These one-line PowerShell commands allow you to pull of some amazing feats of ingenuity while we handle the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Runtime Variables

Runtime variables allow you to enter unique values at script runtime. This means you don’t need to make a bunch of scripts when you might reference something like a unique file path in each script, while the rest of the script remains static.

“Syncro is the modern MSP RMM/PSA you need now.”

Paco Lebron

“The best feature is the integrated nature of both RMM and PSA. Having the ability to customize the system to your needs for information to store or managing you assets makes our day-to-day easier. It is a great platform for the subscription price. Lots to learn and great automation to create. ”

Ready to Experience an All-In-One MSP Platform?