Hey Syncro Users!

Webroot is now available as one of the three Managed Anti-Virus options within Syncro via our new Open Beta integration.

Including Webroot as an AV option has been heavily requested by the Syncro community, and we’re thrilled to be able to roll it out and help MSPs expand their service offerings through Syncro.

This integration allows you to add Webroot to your Syncro Assets and Policies, so you can provide much needed MAV protection for client devices. You can also decide whether you’d like the policy to be managed via Webroot or Syncro, for example. We’ve been able to lock in a competitive price as well, so you can ensure that your Managed AV products will continue to be profitable.

For information on Webroot pricing offered through Syncro, please head to the pricing page within your Syncro account via the Admin Center, and locate the Webroot section of the “Three Great Managed Anti-Virus Options” area. You can also view Webroot pricing within the Asset RMM Policy “Managed AV” section.

Webroot provides multi-vector protection for endpoints and networks, as well as cloud-based threat intelligence services. You can learn more about Webroot here.

NOTE: There are two different paths to integrating Webroot with your Syncro account. You can either create a new Webroot account through Syncro’s App Center or integrate your existing Webroot account with the help of the Syncro and Webroot teams. Please follow the instructions under one of the paths below to ensure you understand and complete the appropriate steps for your scenario.

Path 1
You Already Have a Webroot Account

If you have a Webroot account already, you can migrate the account to be managed by Syncro following the instructions here, but please take note of the important information below.

NOTE: If you have an existing Webroot account and your Webroot billing period does not end within 90 days from the migration request submission, you will be unable to migrate your Webroot account to Syncro. You will need to wait and re-request a migration once you are within 90 days of your billing period end date. If this is the case with your Webroot account, we will notify you and tell you when you can make the migration request again.

The migration will be paused on this step in the setup Wizard until your request has been granted by the Webroot team and the migration time has passed (your billing period end date).

If your Webroot account billing period does end within 90 days of your migration request submission, Webroot will continue the process on their end to migrate your account on your billing period end date. Please refer to our Webroot Help Center article here for more information.

Path 2
You Don’t Currently Have a Webroot Account

If you wish to use Webroot with Syncro, but don’t currently have a Webroot account, you can create one via the Syncro App Center Webroot App Card. From there you’ll be able to initiate the setup of your Webroot account and proceed with the Syncro integration.

You can learn more about this here.

We hope you enjoy this highly requested integration and look forward to bringing you more good stuff soon!

The Syncro Team