Syncro + Proofpoint: Email Security

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Elevate your clients’ cybersecurity protection

Email is the single largest attack vector for your customers, period. Add human error to the mix and each of us is a walking target. Advanced threats are always evolving, so it’s vital to protect your clients from multiple angles. With Proofpoint, you can safeguard your end users’ email accounts and empower them to safeguard their companies in return.

Watch Senior Manager, Global RMM, Cloud & MSP Austin Kisiah and Global Team Lead Staff Sales Engineer Randy Scadden of Proofpoint with Partner Development Director Andy Cormier of Syncro as they walk through everything you need to know about our new partnership with Proofpoint and how you can take advantage of their solutions for email security and security awareness training (SAT).

You’ll learn:

  • Why Proofpoint is a proven provider of security technologies
  • How Proofpoint prevents, detects, and block threats
  • How to access affordable pricing and earn revenue for your MSP