Team Plan FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our new Team plan.

Team vs. Core 


Q: What is the Core plan?

A: The Core plan is the existing Syncro plan that you currently enjoy that includes our standard PSA, RMM, and Remote Access features. The only thing we changed is the name, otherwise this is the same set of features at the same price that you are used to. Nothing about your Splashtop experience is changing.

Q: What is the Team plan?

The Team plan is an optional new Syncro plan for businesses with multiple technicians for $179/month per user annually if you pay upfront or you can choose our monthly option which is $189/month per user. You’ll get the Core PSA, RMM, and Remote Access features, plus in-depth data aggregation and analysis, more powerful remote access, more control over technician ticket visibility, and real-time ticket automations.

Q: What if I want to stay on the Core plan?

A: You will still be able to stay on the Core plan if you’d like to do so! The Team plan is available for those who choose to upgrade. 

Q: How can I try the Team plan?

A: All partners will have access to a free trial of the Team plan features once the initial early access program (see below) has concluded later this summer.

Q: Can some of my technicians be on the Core plan and others on Team?

A: No, all users have to be on the same plan. You can’t mix and match.

We’re rolling out an exclusive Early Access free trial of the Team plan starting July 10 for a limited number of partners. To join the waitlist, sign up here


Early Access Program


Q: What is the Early Access program?

A: The Early Access program is designed for partners who opt-in to be able to try the new Team plan features before anyone else, and provide feedback. The Early Access program will begin on July 10th. 

Q: How can I give feedback as part of the Early Access program? 

A: Once you sign up and indicate your interest in early access, our team will reach out on July 10th with information on how you can access your free trial. 

Once your trial is set up and ready to go, we’ll look to capture real-time feedback from you! You’ll have ample opportunity to do this through a survey form and real-time sessions our team will schedule with you. 

Q: Is there a cost to sign up for the early access program? Do I need to pay now? 

A: The early access program is a free program and provides trial access to the new Team plan features. Once your Team plan trial ends and should you choose to upgrade your plan, you will be charged the Team plan per user fee. 

Q: What happens if I’ve signed up to try the Team plan and my trial ends? 

A: If your trial period ends and you choose not to upgrade, you’ll lose access to Team plan features, and your account will revert to Core features and pricing.


A Note on the Why

Q: Why is Syncro launching this new Team plan?

A: We increasingly hear from our growing partners that they need more features and functionality in Syncro’s all-in-one PSA, RMM, and remote access platform to help manage their team’s workflow and growth better. This new plan helps address their needs by offering better reporting and insights (Power BI integration), more automation (database exports and Azure AD sync), more powerful remote access capabilities (Splashtop Business), and ticket enhancements to empower larger MSPs to organize and work their tickets in the way that works best for them.

Q: What happened to your mantra of “one per user fee”?

A: Our pricing philosophy remains the same as it’s always been: keep it simple, keep it transparent, keep it flexible. Our Core and Team plans both offer no-contract monthly per user prices, with unlimited endpoints and access to the Syncro platform including PSA/RMM and remote access functionality. 

Q: What is coming next?

A: We have a handful of new features that are coming soon to the Core and Team plans! Read more from our Chief Product and Technology Officer about our plans for Q3.