Hey all,

Let’s brighten up your Monday with some Syncro Reporting updates!

Today we are sharing the release of two new additions to the Reports module within Syncro:

  1. We’ve added an “Installed Applications” Report so you can see which applications are installed on a per-client basis.
  2. We added a “Report Description” text box to client-facing reports, so you can customize the information you’d like the client to review at the beginning of the PDF version of the report.

Installed Applications Report

To view this report, head to the Reports module in your Syncro account and click on the “Installed Applications” link within the Customers section at the top of the page.

Begin typing a client’s name into the “Customer name” field and it will auto-populate if the client exists in your account. Select the Customer and click “Run Report.” From here you will see a table containing the application name, vendor, version and count of installs.

You also have the option to print the report as a PDF, run the report as a CSV file, and schedule the report to run on a timeline of your choosing.

Report Description Text Box

To view this feature, open up any of the client-facing reports in your Syncro account (i.e. Customer Detail, Executive Summary, etc.), located within the Customers section of the Reports module.

You’ll notice a newly added “Additional text to include on the report” link on the Run Report page. This link also appears if you choose to schedule the report to run on a timeline of your choosing.

Click this link to populate the text editor, which allows you to customize a report description for the client. You can include information that prefaces the report, such as how the client should read the report, what to do with the information contained in the report, what the results mean, etc.

Edit the text to your liking, and click the PDF button in the top-right corner of the page to view your changes. This text will appear on the second page of the report, after the cover page.

We hope you enjoy these Reporting additions, and look forward to bringing you more soon.

The Syncro Team