Hey Syncro Users,

Happy (almost) weekend!

Today we’re sharing some news around Syncro’s Customer Wiki module, now known as the Documentation Center.

The Documentation Center is used both internally and externally to share information like documents, customer information, user guides, and more.

Internally, you can track something like a SOP for a client, such as “How to set up a new employee for client A.” Externally, you can instruct clients via Documentation such as “Here’s how you reset your router if your internet goes down.”

We’ve been working hard to implement some user-requested updates to make this module more powerful, and as of today we’re happy to share that you’re now able to:

  • Use template tags when creating Documents to make cloning them easier when using across multiple Customers
  • Assign Documentation to a particular Customer or all of your Customers
  • Give your Customers access to Documentation pages via their Customer Portal

Let’s dive into how these changes work:

1. Using template tags when creating your Documents to make cloning Documents easier across multiple Customers.

First, create a new Documentation page by clicking on the “New Page” button from the Documentation section of your account. Complete the appropriate fields at the top of the page.

Next, use the provided template tags on the right-hand side of the HTML editor to help fill in the information on the Documentation page.

Click “Save Page” in the top right corner of the Documentation editor page to see the template tags auto-fill.

using template tags in Documentation pages

2. Assigning Documentation to Customer(s), and giving your Customers access to Documentation via their Customer Portal

Note: Prior to starting, make sure you’ve enabled Customer Documentation under the Admin > Customers > Preferences area of your account.

Create a new Documentation page using the steps listed above. To assign the page to a particular client, type the client’s name into the “Customer name” field and select the correct client from the list of options that appear. If you’d like the page to be accessible under ALL of your clients, simply leave this field blank.

To make the page visible from within the Customer Portal, simply choose the Page Type “Customer Portal,” making sure to click “Save Page” in the upper right-hand corner of the Documentation page editor before moving on.

Watch the GIF below to see this process in action, and view the Documentation page from a client’s perspective via their Customer Portal.

Customer Portal access to Documentation Center pages

For more information about how to use the Documentation Center, please view our Help Center article here.

We’re continually working on this module, and plan to have the capability of linking Documentation pages to Assets soon.

Let us know what you think by emailing help@syncromsp.com

The Syncro Team