Hello Syncro Users!

We’re working on some big stuff right now, but wanted to let you know about a few smaller releases we’ve shipped lately.

This update is all about Scripting. We’ve made some key improvements that makes Scripting with Syncro more streamlined so you can keep charging through your day.

1. Added Script Success/Failure/Error Tags in Script History

Scripting now looks at the return status code from scripts you’ve run so the Script History will display a Success, Failure, or Error tag next to the script depending on the result of the return code. Before this, you had to dive into the log for a particular script in order to determine if it ran successfully or not.

*Note: It is up to you to determine success/failure in the way you write your script.

2. Added Maximum Script Run Time to Scripts

You can now customize a timeout for each script so that a script doesn’t run longer than it should if there is a problem when it runs. This is helpful as it can be difficult to know if a script is running too long or not. Default timeout was 6 hours, but if you’re running a lot of scripts, you’re waiting a long time.

To see more details about these Scripting updates and more information about Syncro’s Scripting functionality in general please refer to this Help Center article: https://help.syncromsp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003754133

We’ve got more updates in the pipeline so stay tuned. More great stuff coming soon! Thank you to all our users for the great feedback. If you have questions or feedback, please get in touch with us at help@syncromsp.com

The Syncro Team