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We hope you’re enjoying this fine Friday and are getting lots of work done 🙂

Today we’re sharing some new functionality and enhancements we’ve made to the Scripting and Policies features in Syncro.


  • You can now add Scripts to Policies, allowing you to run them on first sync (when the Policy is applied to an Asset), on a schedule of your choosing, and/or prevent a Script from running if it has already run on the Asset within a certain duration of time.
  • We have built a new Script scheduling page that allows you to mass remove Scripts from an Asset, see/edit what’s currently in the queue to run, and view which Scripts are scheduled to run on which Assets on a recurring basis.

Running Scripts on Assets via Policies

Forcing Scripts to run on Assets via Syncro Policies is a more automated way of mass applying Scripts to devices.

Let’s say you want to run a certain Script when a Policy has been applied to an Asset for the first time or when you change the Policies applied to a certain Asset. You would:

1. Log into your Syncro account and make your way over to the Policies module from your top navigation or from within the “More” tab.

2. Create a new Policy or select an existing one from the list. In this case, we will edit an existing one by clicking on it from within the list.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page, and you’ll notice two new sections – Setup Scripts and Script Schedules.

4. Click the “Add” button under either section to choose the first Script you’d like to have run when this Policy is applied to a device for the first time or at a scheduled time of your choosing.

You can continue to click the Add button to add more Scripts, and use the arrows that appear to adjust the order in which these Scripts will run.

5. Use the dropdown menu under the “Setup Scripts” section to prevent a Script from running if it has already run on an Asset within a certain amount of days:

6. Be sure to click “Save” at the top of the page after you’ve added your chosen Scripts.

Scheduled Script Updates

Let’s say you now want to mass remove Scripts from running on certain Assets…

1. Head over to the “Scripts” module from your top navigation or from within the “More” tab.

2. Find the Script you would like to remove from a particular Asset(s) and click the ellipsis icon on the far right, next to the “Scheduled Runs” column. Select “Scheduled Runs” from the dropdown.

3. On this page, you can now view valuable information such as which Assets are “Currently Queued” and which Assets are “Scheduled”. You can also choose to remove Assets from the Script schedule or the queue by clicking the red “x” next to each one!

To learn more about how to apply Policy Scripting updates in your Syncro account, please view our Help Center article here. To learn more about scheduled Scripts, please review this Help Center article.

The Syncro Team