Protect your clients’ email and build employee resistance against threats.


Proofpoint is a cybersecurity software providing email security, data loss prevention, electronic discovery, and email archiving.

Access email protection and Security Awareness Training (SAT) at a 10-12% reduced cost through Syncro’s partnership with Proofpoint.

Product Offering

  • Proofpoint Essentials
  • Proofpoint SAT


  • Secure email protection

    Protect your clients against malware and non-malware threats with industry leading efficacy, preventing impostor email threats with dynamic classification, and analyze malicious URLs and attachments.

  • Greater control with more simplicity

    Manage all users and account settings from a single, secure platform, including accurate email classification, content control for social media accounts, robust filter rules engine, per-user controls and quarantine access.

  • Business continuity reassurance

    Keep your business running smoothly even during a partial network failure with a 24×7 emergency inbox, instant replay to resend messages to your messaging server for 30 days, and email spooling and failover.

  • 10-year cloud archive

    Maintain easy access for discovery purposes with the ability to import, preserve, and search historical emails and attachments.

Syncro partners, get started now:

  1. Navigate to the App Center of your Syncro account.
  2. Select the Proofpoint app card.
  3. Review the Proofpoint Essentials and SAT packages and pricing.
  4. Email to provision your account today. It’s easy to migrate from other email security platforms.

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