Hey Syncro Users,

Happy Wednesday!

Today we’re granting you the ability to join the Private Beta version of the Syncro Mac Agent.

This has been a highly requested feature among the Syncro community, and we’re happy to share the progress we’ve made by giving you the chance to experience it first-hand.

The Syncro Mac Agent includes features like basic monitoring, scripting, and a system tray icon.

We’d like to stress that this is a Beta feature 🙂 This means it is in an ongoing stage of development where we’re looking to collect feedback, improvements, and possible bugs from users in the Beta in order to further build out the agent and prepare to release it openly to the community.

In order to be placed on the Private Beta, please email us at help@syncromsp.com with your request and our support team will get you set up.

Please let us know what you think as you dive in, and shoot us an email at help@syncromsp.com with your feedback! 

The Syncro Team