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New Study Finds Videos and Podcasts Rank as Most Popular Education Tools Among MSPs

SEATTLE, WA / Apr 25, 2023 – Syncro, an all-in-one professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for managed service providers (MSPs), today released its new MSP Resources & Communities 2023 Report findings that explore the most sought after ways MSPs source the information they need to enrich their business strategy.

Based on a survey of 603 MSPs across the US and Canada who hold a variety of roles from management, to owners, to technicians, the report uncovers MSP and TSP educational preferences. Key takeaways from the report include:

  • 57% of MSPs rely on YouTube videos; 54% rely on podcasts: MSPs tune into video/audio formats on a daily or weekly basis as their primary source of information, with the most popular topics including cybersecurity, general tech, business, and how-to content. News sites followed closely behind podcasts with 53% of MSPs relying on traditional media.
  • Only a third of MSPs said it mattered if the resource was industry-specific: Resources don’t need to be MSP-specific for MSPs to rely on them. From media outlets to podcasts to blogs, and more – general business or technology content ranked higher than industry-specific resources.
  • Almost half of MSPs avoid live, in-person events: Are trade shows, panel sessions, and expos dead? Nearly half of MSPs think so, with 47% of the MSPs surveyed skipping or rarely attending live events.
  • Facebook ranks as #1 social platform among MSPs (60%): followed by LinkedIn (57%) and Reddit (51%). MSPs are polarized when it comes to emerging platforms like TikTok with almost half (41%) using it daily or weekly and the other half (46%) using it rarely or never.

The MSP Resources & Communities 2023 Report shows there’s no single approach to finding information and gaining expertise. But one thing remains clear – MSPs are hungry for informative and helpful content, and they actively seek out the latest best practices and advice to help them build more profitable, balanced businesses.

“To help MSPs succeed, it’s important to understand what educational tools and resources help them thrive. As a vendor, Syncro is very invested in producing content that’s easy for MSPs to consume and we hope this report will empower them to discover even more outlets that support them and their businesses,” said Emily Glass, CEO of Syncro.

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