Hey Syncro users,

We talk a lot about building new features, and that goes beyond Syncro’s web-based app. We know you’re on-the-go and need to be able to complete critical business tasks without being tied down to a desktop 24/7. That said, we’re checking in with an exciting update, and spoiler alert, it’s going to make iPhone and Android users happy…

Syncro’s iOS and Android apps are now available!

Syncro’s app enables you to perform key business functions, like viewing Customer details, creating and editing Estimates/Invoices/Tickets, and accepting payment while you’re on-the-go.

Use Syncro’s apps to:

  • View Customers, Estimates, Invoices, Tickets, Appointments, and Assets on-the-go
  • Update Tickets with notes and reply to customers with the latest information, all while in the field
  • Create and edit Estimates, track billable hours, and convert Estimates into Invoices
  • Accept payment from your mobile device through Syncro’s Vantiv and Square integrations
  • Access Asset details, including Serial Number, OS, CPU, and Ram

To download Syncro’s iOS app, click here.

To download Syncro’s Android app, click here.

After downloading your app of choice, simply login using your Syncro account credentials.

The apps are free to use and sync immediately with your web-based account, so folks back in the office see updates you’ve made.

We’re excited to hear your feedback about the apps. Let us know what you think by dropping a note to help@syncromsp.com.


Syncro team