Hey Syncro Users,

Today we’re sharing a pretty big improvement around accessing “help” in Syncro.

As you may know, we have a few different ways in which we connect you to Help Center articles in Syncro.

  1. The “Help” link in the upper right-hand corner of your account will take you to the home page for the Help Center, where you can sift through all of our articles and/or search for a specific topic using the search field.
  2. You can also click the question mark icon that appears in various areas through the app, which will link you to a specific article about that module/section.
  3. You can now use the newly added Help Widget on the the bottom right-hand corner of your account to quickly connect to applicable articles, depending on the page you’re on!

When you click the “Help” button, this expands the widget to bring up a variety of articles that best match the content of the page you’re on. If this search doesn’t meet your needs, you can use the search field within the widget to type in your query and click on an article of your choosing. The entire article will then appear in the widget, and will open in a new tab if you click the “open in a new window” icon!

You can also click the “Contact Us” button, fill in the fields that appear, attach a file if necessary, and this will submit a ticket to our support team if you’re still not finding the answers you need.

The GIF below shows this update in action:

We hope you enjoy this update, and are able to more rapidly get your questions answered.

The Syncro Team