MSP Sales Fundamentals Course

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Power your sales results with a reliable and repeatable strategy

If you’re relying on referrals or word of mouth to generate sales, your business will become stagnant. You need to build a sales strategy that’s reliable and creates predictable sales funnels.

Carrie Richardson has been helping build sales teams for more than 20 years. She is a partner in Richardson & Richardson consulting, and has founded and sold two business development agencies.

This comprehensive MSP Sales Fundamentals course will teach you how to build, improve, and measure the performance of an active outbound strategy. Access four, one-hour video sessions and a workbook designed to help you apply the learnings to grow your business.


Video sessions

Session 1 – Perspective
Take inventory of the activities and attitudes you’ll need to adopt daily to successfully prepare you and your business for successful, predictable sales growth.

Session 2 – Planning
Discover the tools you need to define your best prospects, choose the right tools, build lists, and set your activity schedule.

Session 3 – Process
Create your sales process and supporting documentation, including scripts for cold outreach, objection handling, and asking referrals from existing clients.

Session 4 – Prospecting
Identify whether a prospect is suitable for your business through open-ended discussion drivers and qualifying questions, and finally, ask for the meeting and close.


You’ll get a reference material full of tips and applications that you can easily glance back at anytime.

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