Comet Backup

Backup and restore your clients’ data flexibly and reliably.


Comet Backup is a reliable and flexible backup solution designed to give you total control over your backup environment and storage destinations. Safeguard your clients’ data and ensure seamless recovery in case of system failures or data loss.

With Comet Backup’s integration through Syncro, you can access RMM alerts when a backup fails or a backup job doesn’t run, so you can troubleshoot before you lose any business critical data.

Product Offering

  • All-in-one Backup Platform


  • Efficient ‘chunking’ technology

    Advanced backup algorithm packages data into small blocks for faster uploads and downloads, saving valuable time.

  • Client-side deduplication

    Reduces redundant data, ensuring more efficient storage usage and therefore cost savings.

  • Incremental without full re-uploads

    After the initial backup, only changes are uploaded, conserving bandwidth and accelerating the backup process.

  • Compression and encryption

    Client data is compact for storage efficiency and secured against breaches, ensuring peace of mind.

Syncro partners, get started now:

  1. Navigate to the App Center of your Syncro account.
  2. Select the Comet Backup app card.
  3. Review integration documentation.
  4. Click “Configure login to my Comet Backup account.”

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