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What Can I Do to Motivate My MSP Employees?

It can be frustrating when you see employees giving minimal effort to get through the day until it’s time to clock out. When your team is killing time instead of being motivated in their work, it can hurt your business and customer relationships.

Motivated employees propel business relationships forward and can give an MSP business a reputation of excellence. Profitability also rises. 

In a Gallup report on employee engagement, companies that have highly motivated employees have 21% higher profitability and 17% higher productivity than companies with less motivated teams.

How can you motivate employees to give their best effort and cultivate a healthy and productive team? Here are some tips that can help.

Recognize Achievements Both Large and Small

Do you tend to only have 1-on-1’s with your staff when you need to address a problem? Do you let them know when they need to do better, but don’t tell them when they do a great job quite as often?

People are naturally motivated to do their best when they feel appreciated and recognized. It’s important to celebrate wins both large and small and recognize your team often for their achievements. Recognition doesn’t mean you also won’t have to address problems from time to time, but with appreciation, employees will be naturally motivated to earn more of your kudos. 

69% of surveyed employees say they would work harder if they were more appreciated. 

Offer Flexible Work Schedules

The pandemic has changed the workplace considerably. A large part of the workforce got a taste of a better work/life balance when being able to work from home and many would like to continue a more flexible work schedule with a hybrid of office and home.

When employees have a good work-life balance they feel more motivated and less stressed out when at work. A flex schedule could work for your business as well as you adapt to the same “new normal” that your customers are facing.

For example, if you have a technician that would prefer working afternoon and evening hours, this would allow you to then expand your remote support services to those hours, offering more convenience to your customers and their hybrid teams.

Enable Employees to Grow and Develop Skills

When people are growing and learning at their job, they’re motivated to give their best every day. You also benefit from a more skilled team member that can grow into other responsibilities as time goes by.

Put together a path for all your employees (including those at the front reception desk) to grow their skills and gain more career enrichment while working for you.

Give Your Team Great Tools to Work With

When people are held back from achieving their best because of outdated work tools, they get frustrated, and this leads to a lack of motivation. They may think, “This company doesn’t even provide the tools needed to properly service customers, so why should I put forth any extra effort?”

Listen to your employees when it comes to the tools they work with. They’ll let you know if the RMM software or CRM you’ve chosen is causing issues and holding back the company. 

Give your team tools that allow them to do their best and they’ll be more motivated to give that.

Conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey Annually 

Employees won’t always tell you when they’re unhappy about something because they don’t want to lose their jobs. But you need to know what may make their life better and get them motivated.

Give your staff an anonymous employee satisfaction survey to fill out annually so you can see any items you could address to better motivate employees, as well as learn what you’re doing right that is keeping your team engaged.

Pay People Competitively

Paying people less than a competitive rate is going to pretty much guarantee that they won’t be as motivated. They may even be spending some of their time considering leaving for another job.

If you pay people competitively, pay them on time, and recognize them with a bonus during the holidays, they’ll feel that their work is appreciated and will naturally feel more loyal and more motivated to help your company grow.

Set Clear Expectations & Be Consistent

When you have different expectations for a service call depending on the last motivational business book you’ve read, you confuse your team.

Inconsistency sets a team up to fail because they never know when the rules are going to change.

Set clear policies and procedures and be consistent in enforcing them. If you do decide on a business change in a process, then introduce it properly and give your team time to adapt, and then stick with that new policy just as consistently. 

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