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We’ve Integrated With Pax8!

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Hey Syncro Users,

We recently completed a new integration between Pax8 and Syncro.

This integration is particularly exciting, as it automates your subscription based billing which will save you hours of time each month. It also allows for a dedicated Pax8 tab that lives within Syncro, giving you immediate access to your Pax8 dashboard.

With this integration you can do all of your ordering, provisioning, and subscription based billing without having to leave Syncro.

Note: This integration’s setup is handled completely on the Pax8 side. Follow the Pax8 setup guide here to get started.

About Pax8

Pax8, Inc. is a cloud commerce marketplace focused on the delivery of cloud-based solutions to a global network of channel partners and their customers.

Pax8 helps grow its partners’ cloud practices by delivering aggregated cloud services from vendors such as Symantec, SilverSky, Infrascale and InterCall through a single platform. This platform, called the Pax8 Command Console, unifies and streamlines quoting, ordering, provisioning, support and billing for multiple cloud services.

Pax8 Integration with Syncro

With this integration you can:

  • Sync your Pax8 Companies to Syncro clients (Customers) or import your clients to Pax8
  • Import your Products to Pax8 or sync existing Products
  • Write recurring Line Items for Invoicing
  • Immediately update subscription line items when incrementing seats

To learn more about the integration and how to get started, view the Pax8 Setup Guide.

Please direct any support questions to the Pax8 team/your Cloud Advisor.

The Syncro Team

Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander

Co-founder and Channel Chief at Syncro. Always trying to find ways to help MSPs. Former MSP tech and break-fix owner. Basketball player, human and dog dad. Grew up in Berkeley, living in Sacramento.

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