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We’ve Integrated with Huntress Labs!

Release Update

Hey Syncro users,

Happy Wednesday.

Today we’re sharing a new integration partner with you: Huntress Labs.

Huntress is your go-to threat detection service. Coupled with your Managed Antivirus software, Huntress gives you the peace of mind you need to feel like your clients are properly protected.

In order to achieve the greatest automation between our two platforms, you will want to first integrate your Huntress account with Syncro on the Huntress side. This will allow for your Huntress Organizations to map with your Syncro Customers.

This is useful because Huntress can then report breaches and send remediation recommendations directly to your Syncro PSA via Tickets associated with the appropriate Customer, immediately notifying you and your team of a potential breach.

To enable the integration on the Huntress side, please follow the instructions.

Next, you’ll want to integrate Syncro with Huntress via your Syncro account. This will allow you to then deploy the Huntress agent en masse on your Syncro Assets.

To enable this integration:

  1. Log into your Syncro account and head to the App Center.
  2. Locate the Huntress App Card, and click on it to view the setup instructions.
  3. Follow the instructions on the details page, entering in your Huntress Account Key.
  4. Click Save.
  5. This will unlock a new script available in the Script Library called “Huntress Deployment” which will allow you to deploy Huntress to your Assets.

From here, you can simply run the Huntress Deployment script on your Assets as you would other scripts (run them manually, put them in an Asset RMM Policy, use them with Automated Remediation, schedule them, etc.).

The Huntress agent will then install on the Asset upon the script running, and therefore allow Asset information to be sent to the Huntress dashboard and breach detection to run.

To learn more, view our Help Center article here.

Enjoy, and please report any questions to as usual!

The Syncro Team

Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander

Co-founder and Channel Chief at Syncro. Always trying to find ways to help MSPs. Former MSP tech and break-fix owner. Basketball player, human and dog dad. Grew up in Berkeley, living in Sacramento.

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