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Welcome Syncro’s New CEO, Emily Glass!

It’s time to celebrate the arrival of a significant new member of our Syncro family. We’re thrilled to welcome Emily Glass, who’s taking on the role of Syncro president and CEO. Emily is a seasoned executive with a drive for innovation and customer experience. She has already made a big impact on our company serving on our board of directors and is excited to champion her new position as one of the few woman-led businesses in the MSP industry.

I’m honored to be named CEO of Syncro. Syncro’s leading MSP business platform and reputation for delivering value to MSPs are just a couple of the factors that attracted me to this opportunity. I’m committed to working with the talented team at Syncro to execute on the company’s vision of delivering innovative solutions to empower MSPs to start, run, and grow their businesses.

Thank you, Robert Reichner

We’re grateful for the journey Robert Reichner, our CEO for the last eight years, has led us on to reach where we are today. Under Robert’s leadership, Syncro grew its customer base, revenue, and headcount, in addition to the recent purchase of Watchman Monitoring. Robert will remain strongly connected to Syncro as he joins the board of directors.

I’ve enjoyed building Syncro alongside all of our team members. I’m proud of the value we bring to MSPs, their customers, and communities. I know Emily will take the company to new heights.

Meet Emily Glass

Emily is no stranger to the MSP industry. She formerly served in executive roles at Dattoover a period of five years. As Customer Experience Officer, Emily built an award-winning support experience for MSPs. She also oversaw the release of several innovative products as Chief Product Officer. She holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from McGill University and a Master of Arts from Boston University.

Fun facts about Emily

  • Originally from Montreal, Canada
  • Currently lives in Boston, MA
  • Her final engineering project entailed building a phidget—a physical widget. She designed and prototyped a USB-based I/O system to allow for easy and rapid development of software that interfaces to analog and digital inputs, digital outputs, and stepper motor control.
  • Loves making art with her kids
  • Plays the violin, and one day will join a chamber group or orchestra again (when above kids don’t think making art with their mom is cool any more)

Q&A with Emily

1. How has your background helped prepare you for being CEO of Syncro?

Leading technical support at Datto I was able to get to know many MSPs leaders in my career. I truly understand their pain points: trying to balance demands on one’s time, keeping up with latest in tech, trying to keep everything simple and efficient, while also trying to retain and acquire new customers. I’ve learned the importance of providing stellar technical support to help with efficiency, shipping product enhancements quickly to respond to customers’ needs, and of building an open, intuitive platform with great partners. I’ve overseen many different business functions at growing software companies, and I love leading change. I’m really excited to bring my experience in these areas to Syncro in my role as CEO. I’m also eager to speak with our customers and prospects and learn how we can serve them even better. We have a great customer community, who have achieved great things, and I can’t wait to support them in their growth.

2. What trends in technology or the MSP industry are you watching closely?

Certainly one can’t understate the effect that COVID has had on the world in the past two years. As we head into another year of uncertainty, we’ll continue to see rapid change and transformation in businesses, beliefs, and technology. MSPs have an opportunity to help businesses trying to adapt to new challenges and deploy new flexible solutions for a remote workforce, new business model, or other pivots. Businesses will continually and increasingly seek support from MSPs to help with their IT needs. The global threat of cybersecurity for small businesses has never been more prevalent. Adequately protecting customers remains a top concern and challenge for MSPs. And of course, we can’t forget the Great Resignation. MSPs are uniquely poised to be able to create fulfilling, remote work for their employees, but competition for talent and customers remains strong, so work culture will continue to be a top focus.

3. How is Syncro unique?

Syncro’s roots are as an MSP. Syncro has always been about empowering small business owners to take control and run their business. Our cloud-hosted product is easy to adopt and can grow with an MSP’s business. The team has never lost sight of the fact that we’re partners to entrepreneurs who want to deploy technology and be successful doing what they love. Robert, founding CEO, did a wonderful job instilling a culture that attracts great talent and great customers because the purpose is greater than building technology. We have a mission to help make life better for MSPs. Additionally, it’s been wonderful to work with, and get to know, Robert as a board member and then as outgoing CEO. He’s been very generous with his time and knowledge, and has been a great partner to me during this process. I feel very fortunate that he’s entrusting Syncro to my care and that he is remaining on the board to help guide me.

4. What’s in store for Syncro in the coming months?

We’ve invested a lot in our platform over this past year, and have grown our engineering and product organizations to accelerate our rate of product delivery. We’ve hired some incredible engineers and experienced engineering and product leadership. We recently shipped an easier way for customers to manage and bill for assets, aka policy inheritance, as one example. I’m excited to deliver innovations this next year that will help our customers grow their businesses with us, enable customers globally to be more efficient, and also continue to support a secure, reliable, and usable modern platform.

New Syncro board member: Janet Dryer

Syncro also welcomes Janet Dryer to the board of directors. Janet is an accomplished CEO with more than 20 years of software industry experience. Janet served as CEO of HelpSystems and Perforce Software. She has deep and relevant experience and will be an asset to the board.

Syncro is a modern software platform with a diverse management team and remote-only global workforce. I believe Syncro is well-positioned for continued growth in the MSP industry and I am excited to support one of the few woman-led businesses in this space.

What do these team changes mean for you?

After wrapping up a year’s worth of significant product releases, we’re getting ready to execute on our 2022 vision based on feedback and fresh ideas.

We’re dedicated to supporting your needs as an MSP, no matter what stage of the business lifecycle you’re in. We’ll continue to refine our platform to automate, simplify, and strengthen how you deliver your service and expertise. When you manage your operations and clients efficiently, you can focus on providing solutions and closing new deals.

To fuel our growth, we’re always looking for curious and creative talent. We were a remote-only company before it was cool. We’re committed to diversity and belonging. We love building software, learning, and having fun. Visit our careers page for more information about our open roles.

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