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Elevate Your Business With Syncro’s New Team Plan

We’ve unveiled a new plan at Syncro that is built to give you the ultimate power, flexibility, and control to manage your team, deliver better service, and increase profitability. 

Our new Team plan is the perfect option for businesses that require more tools for in-depth data aggregation and analysis, powerful remote access, and control over technician ticket workflows.

Accelerate your growth with new, advanced features

Enhanced Splashtop

Solve the most challenging issues with multi-monitor and multi-technician remote support. This gives you visibility into multiple monitors at the same time, instead of having to click between them. Technicians often need to help each other with a problem, so it’s extremely beneficial to be able to join the same remote session.

Azure AD sync

Provide better service to your clients by enabling contact syncing and Microsoft 365 billing automation. Azure AD sync ensures your client contact information is accurate and up to date. 

You can automate client billing based on their Microsoft License type using the customer contact. Save clients money by detecting unused Microsoft licenses, and quickly find clients who have low Microsoft Secure Scores or don’t have MFA turned on.

Advanced ticket creation automations & assignments

Streamline your ticket workflows and help your technicians focus on the tickets they need to address. Take advantage of flexible options to manage your service desk in real-time, including automatically assigning incoming tickets to specific technicians or ticket views or creating custom alerts. Advanced ticket creation automations and assignments are a great way to cater to your largest or VIP clients and reduce triage delays. 

PowerBI integration

Leverage advanced dashboards to analyze and manage your business. By connecting Syncro with Power BI, you can access pre-made templates with customizable charts and pages, providing valuable insights into various aspects of their operations. 

Explore monthly and daily stats, RMM alerts, tickets, technician efficiency, customer efficiency, invoices, leads, appointments, purchase orders, estimates, and recurring invoices.

Scheduled database exports

Imagine what you can do with your customer, ticket, invoice, and inventory data at your fingertips. Export your Syncro data into external databases for deeper analysis, customized reporting, secure backups, or integration with other systems. 

Visualize your data in business intelligence tools, such as Power BI or Tableau, to extract insights and make informed business decisions. Enjoy peace of mind that your data is under your complete control, reducing data loss with an additional layer of protection. 

Personalized support and onboarding experience

Like to plan ahead? Schedule a time with a technical support team member to help you solve an issue. This reduces interruptions to your work, allowing you to maintain better focus on your clients.

New Syncro partners can lean on our implementation consultants for guidance on how to set up essential workflows (implementation session) and accomplish daily tasks using Syncro (team training). Meanwhile, existing Syncro partners will receive one implementation session to help configure the Team plan features.

Get started with the Team plan

Whether you are a solo venture or have multiple technicians, the Team plan can elevate your experience and results to the next level. Learn more about the benefits of our Team plan and sign up for a free trial today here.

Spencer Kelty

I’m passionate about connecting people to technology that empowers them. At Syncro, I’m focused on ensuring our product and communications are aligned to the needs of our partners.