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Syncro Release Day: June Edition

New Syncro features: octopus arm reaching for lapatop

Halfway through 2024, Syncro is keeping up the momentum in innovation and platform enhancements as we continue to evolve. We’ve recently launched several updates, including detailed time entry for ticket comments, multiple outbound emails, and various bug fixes.

Read on for more details.

Detailed Time Entry For Ticket Comments

Forget to add an update to a ticket from a prior day? No problem.

We’ve added the ability to optionally enter starting and ending times directly to a ticket when entering comments.

You can create a new comment and backdate the timer entries to keep your time log accurate. In fact, you have the flexibility to set the ticket timer entry to any date—past, present, or future. Learn more about time entry improvements to ticket comments.

Multiple Outbound Emails

Looking for more flexibility when sending emails through the Syncro platform?

Multiple Outbound Email is an update to our existing Mailbox feature which expands its functionality, allowing more than a single Outbound Email address from Syncro. This enables our partners to have distinct Support@ and Billing@ email addresses sending emails directly from Syncro. We have grouped all outbound email into 3 sender categories:

  • Support
  • Billing
  • Marketing

Additionally, this update adds support for Microsoft’s Graph API authentication in Microsoft O365. Further we have added the ability to have multiple SMTP connections so you can have a unique SMTP connection for each of your Outbound Mailboxes.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • We now pre-populate “Run as” when selecting any favorite scripts on Asset Show page.
  • Fixed bugs with O365 appointment sync and O365 SMTP authentication
  • Resolved an SMTP auth notification issue
  • Addressed rate limiting on the Tickets index page
  • Fixed an old message truncation bug in outbound email and an address mismatch in outbound ‘from’ on invoices

Spencer Kelty

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