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5 Syncro Integrations and Partnerships That Can Make You Money

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Syncro’s all-in-one PSA, RMM, and remote access platform is a fantastic way to save money in your MSP. From the simple per-technician pricing to the massive time-saving efficiencies Syncro can deliver, the bump to your bottom line can be significant.

But Syncro isn’t just a great tool for saving you money—it can also help you make money. Many Syncro integrations and partnerships offer solutions you can sell through to your clients.

You might ask what’s the advantage of going through Syncro for these? There are a few key benefits:

  • Competitive pricing that Syncro has been able to negotiate with the partner so you can add to your margins
  • Centralized billing through Syncro: one bill, dynamically counted to match client usage each month, and one payment
  • Vetted solutions from industry-leading providers

Here are 5 of the top Syncro integrations and partnerships that can make you more money (in alphabetical order by vendor).

  1. Acronis: Backup solutions
  2. Bitdefender: Managed antivirus (MAV)
  3. Proofpoint: Email security and security awareness training (SAT)
  4. Splashtop: WFH licenses for secure remote access
  5. Webroot: MAV and SAT

1. Acronis

Acronis is data protection software specializing in backup and recovery.

Acronis solutions you can offer through Syncro
Back up individual files or entire systems for your clients across any number of devices and environments with:

  • Cloud / local backups (images, files)
  • Microsoft 365 backups (email, OneDrive)
  • Google Workspace Backups (email, Google Drive)

How to get started
Submit the form on our Acronis partnership page or email

2. BitDefender

BitDefender is cybersecurity software that includes threat prevention, detection, and response.

BitDefender solutions you can offer Syncro
GravityZone Portal

How to get started
Visit the app center page to request your Syncro account be provisioned. (Don’t have a Syncro account? Start your free trial here.)

3. Proofpoint

Proofpoint is cybersecurity software providing email security, data loss prevention, electronic discovery, and email archiving.

Proofpoint solutions you can offer through Syncro
Proofpoint Essentials protects your clients against malicious URLs and attachments, an influx of suspect emails coming from otherwise trusted domains, outbound data exfiltration, and potential compliance breaches (financial, GDPR, PHI).
SAT allows you to safely run faux phishing campaigns against customers in your base, report on campaign results, and showcase how pervasive email threats are to upsell Essentials.

How to get started

4. Splashtop

Splashtop is remote desktop software that allows you to remotely access and support computers from desktop and mobile devices.

Splashtop solutions you can offer
Splashtop for your end users
(Note that Splashtop access for your techs is already included in your Syncro subscription)

How to get started
Follow these Knowledge Base instructions to give your clients access.

5. Webroot

Webroot is cybersecurity software delivering protection for endpoints and networks and threat intelligence services.

Webroot solutions you can offer

  • MAV protects your clients from viruses and identity theft across all devices.
  • SAT provides comprehensive training to end users on how to avoid common security risks.

How to get started
Visit the app center page.

What our partners say about Syncro integrations

“Adding managed antivirus solutions, even without preexisting accounts from those software vendors, was easy and immediately gave us new services that brought in additional income.” – Josh H.

“They are one of the few PSAs that have almost as many integrations as the two leading platforms.” – Derrick J.

“The platform also led me to a cloud service provider and managed AV (I was reselling nothing before) and those integrations, along with recurring billing, makes extra income easier.” – Creighton C

Not yet a Syncro partner?

Start here with a free trial.

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