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Refer Your Friends to Syncro to Earn Rewards

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What’s even better than helping your MSP friends find a tool (and a community) that will meet their needs? Earning rewards for it.

You can earn a $500 gift card for every MSP you refer to Syncro. Even better, the person you refer will get a $500 gift card too.

Making a referral is simple

  1. Sign up for the Syncro referral program. All we need is your name and email address.
  2. Share your referral link with friends.
  3. Your referral must create a valid Syncro account and pay for six months of any subscription plan.
  4. You and your referral claim your $500 gift cards.

Who qualifies as a referral?

Your referral must be a first-time Syncro partner. You can’t refer someone who used to be a Syncro partner and canceled their subscription. Also, a RepairShopr customer can’t refer themselves to Syncro.

How many referrals can you make?

You can make a maximum of three referrals per calendar year.

What kind of gift cards can you earn?

You can select your gift card from a wide range of companies, such as Amazon, Hulu, Starbucks, Uber, and more. View the full list.

What’s the currency of the gift card?

All gift cards are in US dollars.

Does the program work outside of the US?

Yes, the referral program works internationally. The gift cards are always in US dollars, regardless of the recipient’s country.

Anything else I should know?

You’re required to complete the referral link prior to signing up for a trial experience in order to get credit. Referrals that do not complete the registration prior to signing up for a trial will not be credited.

In addition, if someone is referred in by two different companies, the company who made the most recent referral gets the credit.

If you believe Syncro has helped you save time, become more organized, or grow your business, start sharing the benefits—and the rewards—today.

Caitlin Good

Denver-based content marketing manager for Syncro. Curator of new experiences: creating compelling and helpful content on the weekday, exploring nature and cities on the weekend.

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