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Syncro Enhancements to Help Grow Your MSP Business / Q1 2023

New Syncro features: octopus arm reaching for lapatop

Momentum is soaring at Syncro. In the first three months of the year, we launched several new features and enhancements as part of our mission to deliver more essential, reliable, and secure solutions that will help you grow your MSP business. The initiatives we select for development are largely due to partner feedback.

Our new leadership team additions, including Chief Product and Technology Officer Kristen Costagliola and Director of Technical Support Macall Gardner, have strengthened our ability to solve your deepest MSP pain points.

So, what’s new at Syncro?

Scripting reliability

Our partners are writing and running more scripts than ever. As a result of the increased volume and popularity, the script scheduler was refactored to ensure all scheduled scripts were running as planned. We’ve been closely monitoring internal metrics and feedback for several weeks, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve seen significant improvements in reliability.

Top navigation redesign

You can now cruise through the Syncro platform with a revitalized top navigation, including more prominent buttons, new tab options, alphabetized dropdowns, a relocated notification bell, a new font, and refined icon alignment. We’ve received great feedback and will continue to implement updates to improve the user experience.

Revamped support portal

We launched a new support portal to provide partners with resources, information, and tools at their fingertips to help ease troubleshooting. The top navigation menu and resource tiles will help you find what you need faster. Admin role functions give you visibility to all cases for your account. You can contact support through cases, phone, email, and chat.

Australia and New Zealand tax updates

We expanded the platform’s capabilities to support GST invoices more easily in Australia and New Zealand. This has improved operational efficiency for our MSP partners in these countries, allowing them to save time and focus on growing profitability.

Quickbooks & Xero sync improvements

Getting invoices out on time is important for business growth. At the beginning of March, we made improvements to the Quickbooks and Xero sync Processes to ensure there are no delays at the first of the month. Partners have reported smooth results.

Quality-of-life enhancements

Big or small, we’re always looking for ways to make MSPs’ lives easier. Here are just some of the enhancements we’ve recently implemented to the platform:

  • New report: Ticket Time by Customer
  • Set SLA action to Ticket Automations
  • Ticket Automations capability to “run once”

Stay up to date on everything new

See our release notes for a monthly summary of our latest product updates. You can also tune into our recurring Ask Us Anything (AUA) events to ask our leaders about Syncro or best practices for running your MSP.

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