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Syncro 2024 MSP Tech Stack Report: Key Findings

Your tech stack is the backbone of your operation, as it’s essential to deliver top-notch customer service, protection, and support. To that end, building an MSP tech stack that’s strategic and specific to your business needs, and continuously evaluating if it’s aligned with emerging technologies and industry trends, is crucial.

We surveyed nearly 300 MSPs and IT professionals to gain insight into what tools and technology they’re leveraging in their tech stack, as well as what their top considerations are when looking to purchase new software to expand their stack.

These data-backed insights and more are shared in our new MSP Tech Stack Insights Report, which aims to equip MSPs like you with valuable insights to optimize your tech stack effectively — and ensure you remain competitive in the increasingly crowded market.

Some of the most interesting findings include:

  • Ease of use and integrations/partner ecosystem ranked as the top two purchasing considerations, while features and price tied for third place.
  • Security functionality and an integrated PSA/RMM platform continue to be “must haves” in every tech stack.
  • Purchasing considerations differ between MSPs of different sizes.

To access the rest of the key findings, download the full report here.


Jillian Ho-Lung

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