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[Webinar Recap] How Two Partners Switched to Syncro – and Saved Big

“Everything that we get here [with Syncro] is what I was promised in ConnectWise. It just works. And you can’t knock it when it works.” – Chris Fischer, Partner, DLL Techs

Whether you’re shopping around to switch MSP software providers or selecting one for the very first time, every MSP knows this much to be true: The decision fatigue is real. With seemingly endless options available in the channel, how do you know which one is right for your business?

We recently hosted a webinar with Chris Fischer from DLL Techs and Michael Paranich from August eTech to uncover insights on this very topic. Specifically, we chatted to the seasoned MSPs about their experiences switching from ConnectWise to Syncro – including the pros and cons of each platform, the migration process, key Syncro benefits, and more.

Read the recap below to learn more about Chris and Michael’s journey and the importance of choosing the right tool to ensure growth, scalability, and success for your MSP.

Assessing the Sales & Onboarding Process: What to Look For

While Chris and Micahel were initially impressed with ConnectWise for the company’s impressive demo and integrated platform, respectively, it didn’t take long for either MSP to start seeing some red flags.

“We just didn’t have the time or the energy to get it to be right. And when we asked for help, it just wasn’t there.”

Initial Demos & Sales Conversations

Despite a positive ConnectWise demo, Michael said that ultimately, it didn’t align with his actual user experience once he got into the platform (more on that below). Both speakers also noted that the tools and features shown in demos required extensive setup and customization, which was not made clear during their demos.

Onboarding & Environment Setup

Once they’d signed hefty contracts with ConnectWise post-demo, actually rolling out and learning the ins and outs of the platform proved to be a huge challenge. Michael said it required significant work on his part to get it set up in his environment – and with little guidance from the ConnectWise team.

“I felt like we never got rolled out correctly,” added Chris. “All the tools for that were supposed to help migrate and bring us over [to ConnectWise] smoothly, but it was rough. It was a rough transition.”

Platform Practicality & Ease of Use

ConnectWise offered many tools and features that both MSPs found unnecessary, which made it feel like they were overpaying for an underutilized system. This, on top of the need for dedicated management, meant Chris and Michael had resources draining from both a financial and personnel perspective.

Choosing the Right Vendor Partner: Decide What Matters to Your MSP

Of course, switching to Syncro didn’t happen overnight. So, we asked both speakers about what drew them to Syncro and how their experiences with our platform fared in comparison to ConnectWise.

“It’s perfect. It does everything I need it to do. It’s an extension of my myself and my team. I’m not working on it to make it work for me.”

Availability of Information / Communication

Michael was particularly impressed that information about Syncro was readily available and easy to access, noting that his follow-up questions about security, certifications, and more were answered quickly.

This responsiveness and transparency in communication were major factors in both MSPs’ decisions.

“In my conversations with Syncro, it just felt right. You know, I felt comfortable,” said Chris. “I didn’t feel like I was being sold. I felt like I was talking to a colleague about a product that could work for my organization.”

Smooth and Informed Migration

Both speakers also highlighted the straightforward and painless migration process to Syncro. They were well-informed about what data would and would not transfer, allowing them to prepare accordingly, ensuring there were no surprises as they made the switch.

Sales and Technical Support and Engagement

Syncro’s sales and technical teams were noted for their engagement and assistance during the migration. They were noted for their expertise and customer service, while also respecting the wealth of expertise and knowledge of both MSPs. The teams were proactive in resolving issues, making the transition smoother than anticipated.

Intuitive, Single Pane of Glass

Syncro provides a unified and intuitive interface for our all-in-one PSA, RMM and remote access solution. For Chris and Michael, this made navigation and operations seamless, which was a significant upgrade over their previous system.

The platform also offers extensive customization options that are straightforward to implement, allowing users to tailor the service desk to their specific needs without extensive backend manipulation.

Increased Operational Efficiency

The efficiency noted above eventually helped reduce the time and resources Chris and Michael needed to manage the platform. So much so, that Chris noted he essentially saved an entire employee’s salary by switching from ConnectWise, highlighting the productivity gains from using Syncro.

“It was a smooth-as-can-be transition. Nothing is without its quirks, but it was as smooth as can be. And we’re here now. So for those out there that are that are that are struggling [or asking] ‘what’s it going to be like [switching to Syncro]?’. The grass is greener on the other side. It really is.”

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Finding What Works for Your MSP

“Syncro really understands what they’re building for — it feels like it was built for the MSP. It has these little tweaks that really help us and we appreciate. You gave us a really easy-to-use smooth tool.”

Chris and Micahel’s reasons for ultimately switching from ConnectWise to Syncro sheds light on a common lesson in the MSP industry — you have to find the right tools to empower your business.

Not every solution is going to make sense for your organization, no matter how big of a name it is in the industry, so it’s crucial to really assess what you want and need out of our PSA, RMM, and remote access platform. In short – you have to find your missing puzzle piece.

And for Chris and Michael, their missing piece turned out to be Syncro.

Click here to watch the on-demand webinar.

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