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Automatic Naming of Tickets, Invoices, and Estimates Added to Syncro PSA & RMM

Today we’re excited to announce the next feature from our new Community-Driven Development Track!

A special shout out goes to Brad Andrews and Martha Monroe for the request. Brad and Martha were using custom names for their Estimates and Invoices, and wanted those names to carry over. For instance, if they’d turn an Estimate with a custom name into an Invoice, they’d have to manually replicate the name. The same was true for creating Invoices from Tickets.

We’ve now automated that process for them with a new Admin Settings toggle. When enabled, creating any derivation of Tickets, Estimates, and Invoices from one another will carry over their names automatically, saving them the trouble of having to manually name associated records each time.

Here’s what Martha had to say about this new feature update:

Our company, TC Tech Systems, relies heavily on Syncro. I work in the accounting department and have to take estimates and convert them into tickets and invoices. It became very time consuming when I had to copy and paste the name of the estimate onto the ticket and also onto the invoice. When Syncro asked for Quality of Life (QOL) updates that could make an impact on our business, I saw an opportunity to simplify my routine of copy and paste. 

Syncro has now made this feature available! I believe this feature will impact our business by allowing our accounting team more time to complete tasks. We appreciate the opportunity Syncro provides us to tailor the software to the needs of our business. We hope that this new feature helps other businesses as much as ours.”

Learn more about how to enable this update in our Customer Settings Help Center article.

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Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander

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