August 9, 2021 Release Notes for Syncro RMM & PSA

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We released the new Internal Report Builder which lets you build and create reports with customized elements that can be viewed on-screen, as a PDF, scheduled to run on a regular basis, and emailed to your users. The new feature looks and operates similarly to our Executive Summary Report Builder, except you can tailor each block to an individual customer or all customers. Learn more here.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with the Automated Remediation module where the Agent Offline Category condition would not run when using the “Is” operator.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with the Executive Summary Report Builder where the Remote Access Module would not populate the “All Remote Access Sessions” metric correctly.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with AutoPrinter v1 where authentication would fail at login.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue in the Recurring Tickets module where the “Additional Email Addresses to notify for comments” field would not accept multiple, comma-separated email addresses.

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