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Appointment Module Updates: Buffers

Release Update

Hey all,

Today we’re sharing a new addition to the Appointments module: Appointment Buffers.

You can now create a “buffer” between Appointment times to ensure enough room between each Appointment and give yourself the flexibility to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Here’s how this works:

Appointment Buffers:

  1. Log into your Syncro account.
  2. Head to the Admin section.
  3. Toward the top of the left-hand column, under the “Syncro Administration” section, click the “Appointment Types” option.
  4. If you click on any of your existing Appointment Types to edit them or create a new one, you will notice a new field has been added.
  5. Enter in time (in minutes) under the field titled “Appointment Buffer (minutes before appointments).”
  6. This will ensure that no Appointments are made within the number of minutes you inputted before or after the Appointment.
  7. Be sure to click “Save” for the buffer to take effect!
Appointment Reminders and Buffers

You can also check out our Appointments Help Center article for more information.

Until next time!

The Syncro Team

Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander

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