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All Day & Multiple Day Appointments Now Available

Release Update

Today we released an update to our Office 365 and Google Calendar integrations in the form of all day appointments. Now you can schedule all day and multi-day appointments in Syncro, and have them sync with your Office 365 or Google calendar. Best of all, our calendar syncing is two way, meaning you can also create all day events from your calendar and have them sync instantly back to your Syncro account.

In addition, we’ve updated our global calendar view to showcase all day events, as well as our technician calendar view so that you can now easily identify techs that may be out of commission on any given day due to an all day appointment.

Finally, we’ve edited the scheduled appointments that appear in a Ticket, so you can quickly scan this information from directly within a Ticket to get the answers you need, instead of having to open the calendar to see when an Appointment is scheduled.

This update aims to save users time in their day-to-day scheduling by making the calendar blocking process quicker. Prior to this release, users had to create an all day appointment by selecting the exact hours within a day, and therefore needed to create multiple appointments to cover multiple days. Now, users can simply block a day or multiple days with just a few clicks.

For more details on this update and calendaring via Syncro, please check out our Calendars Help Center article here and our .

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Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander

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