Syncro vs. Atera

Comparing all-in-one RMM & PSA platforms seems like apples-to-apples, but when you dig deep into the details, Syncro is the clear winner.

“Syncro has so many good things that it was a simple choice when we compared PSA/RMM services.”
– Josh H.

Why Syncro Beats Atera

Atera pales in comparison to Syncro features like automated billing, powerful scripting, responsive support, and plentiful integration options.

Automated billing

Syncro’s dynamic billing and payment processing functions help you spend less time on admin tasks while capturing more revenue.

  • Dynamically count employees, assets, or policies and bill accordingly so you never have to worry about over- or undercharging clients again.
  • Set up recurring invoices with prepaid billing against stored credit cards.
  • Pull all unbilled ticket charges and add them as line items to a single invoice.
  • Integrate with accounting systems and payment processors to save time.

“While I love the ease of use and the low cost, the best part for me was time tracking and billing. I found that [Syncro] paid for itself in less than a month by tracking my time and keeping me from leaving money on the table.”
– Creighton C.

Powerful scripting

Syncro’s versatile scripting allows you to work the way you want with unrivaled power.

  • Customize and automate workflows almost limitlessly with Syncro’s robust scripting capabilities in PowerShell, VBScript, Mac, and batch scripting.
  • Pull from customizable platform variables, including custom fields to run scripts.
  • Tap into a library of one-line PowerShell commands to connect your scripts directly to your ticketing.
  • Access a free library offering hundreds of ready-to-go scripts from both the Syncro team and fellow Syncro users.

“Fantastic experience all around. The scripting engine—if you can script it, Syncro will run it! If you can’t script it, Syncro has a community library of scripts to choose from!”
– Jessica L.



3 billion

scripts run



Responsive support & open communication

Syncro is committed to transparency and fairness. We’re here for you—and we listen.

  • Submit a support request to one of our friendly human through phone, email, or chat. No extra charge.
  • Find community in the Syncro Facebook group, where you can ask questions and bounce ideas off 3,000+ of your MSP peers.
  • Email our CEO directly with questions, comments, or concerns at any time. He reads every message personally.

“We were never as well taken care of, as often listened to, or as genuinely a part of the development rhythm as we have been with this product, this company, and this community. You CANNOT get this anywhere else.”
– Ross D.

50+ integrations

Atera offers a limited set of integrations, while Syncro features over 50. Create integrated workflows with products you already have in your MSP software stack to boost your team’s efficiency or add new products to grow revenue. It’s all possible with Syncro.

  • Accounting: Quickbooks, Xero
  • Remote access: Splashtop, TeamViewer, ConnectWise Control
  • Security: Bitdefender, Emsisoft, Huntress, MalwareBytes, Webroot
  • Documentation: Hudu, IT GLue
  • Plus: WorldPay, Pax8, Domotz and dozens more

“The integrations are thoughtful and useful. I am constantly finding ways to do more with it.”
– Shane C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Syncro the best alternative to Atera?

With outstanding features like automated billing, powerful scripting, responsive support, and plentiful integration options, Syncro is the logical choice for MSPs looking to optimize their efficiency and profitability.

Why do companies choose Syncro for PSA?

Atera prioritizes form, while Syncro prioritizes function, offering more powerful PSA features than Atera. Syncro’s automated billing shines against Atera’s limited functionality.

Why do companies choose Syncro for RMM?

Syncro’s RMM wins hands down over Atera for features like scripting power and automated remediation.

Why do companies choose Syncro for remote access?

Syncro’s remote access has way more features than Atera, including one-click remote sessions, event viewer, registry editor, file system browser, service and task managers, Powershell sessions, and terminal access.

How does Syncro’s remote access help MSPs create better customer experiences?

Features like backgrounding allow you to work on customer machines without interrupting their workflow, making clients happier and you more productive.

How does Syncro’s reporting and analytics help MSPs be more profitable?

As one example, Syncro’s customer and technician efficiency reports show you where you’re leaking profit and how to take action to improve.

How much does Syncro cost?

$139 per user per month for the full feature set

How much does Atera cost?

$149 per user per month with feature limits

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