Hey everyone,

We hope you’re enjoying a productive work week!

We talk to our users (and potential users) A LOT. We genuinely enjoy trying to understand your needs, your woes, your accomplishments, and what more you wish to achieve within your business. More importantly, we want to know what’s holding you back, in hopes of working together to eliminate those roadblocks.

That brings us to today’s update…

One thing we hear a ton from our conversations with MSPs is just how difficult the transition is from one software solution to another. The switching costs can seem quite high, the training time can seem daunting, etc.

We’ve tried to ease the pain of switching from your current solution by making the import process a little more pain-free.

Our existing importers are incredibly fluid and intuitive, allowing you to import tons of data with the click of a button. And we’re not just referring to your PSA information, either.

With our latest Autotask Importer release, you can now create thousands of Assets at one time and convert your existing AEM agents to Syncro agents using a customized PowerShell script!

Simply head over to the App Center within your Syncro account and click the “Autotask Importer” card to check it out. More information on this importer here.

In addition to the release of the AEM importer, we’ve also improved upon our current Autotask importer (PSA side) in the following ways:

  • Adjusted the way that notes are imported on Tickets
  • Added time log entries to Tickets
  • Added Ticket attachments

As former MSP owners, we know the importance of reliable, yet simple, data transfer. We’re continuing to further build out Syncro’s RMM Importer capabilities in order to help your transition be as smooth as possible. Stay tuned for more updates in this area soon!

The Syncro Team